Niku Yokocho (Meat Alleyway)

Located in the heart of Tokyo, Shibuya is a place called Niku Yokocho. It is where meat lovers gather and feast on great food and drinks. If you are a first time traveler to Japan or simply just didn't know this type of place existed in Shibuya then you should definitely visit and discover what this hidden area has to offer.

Inside the Meat Alley

A Perfect Place to Bar Hop

Filled within Niku Yokocho are several Izakaya or Japanese style bars. The bulk of the bars here feature great Japanese food and drinks, however if your in for other types of food besides Japanese food then this place also consists a mixture of other types like Italian pizza and Thai food. Some of our favorite foods can only be found in Niku Yokocho such as cheese smothered steak and nikuzushi(meat sushi) which is blow torched into a mouth watering perfection of juicy goodness.

Tourched Nikuzushi

Cheese Smothered Meat

Shibuya's Local Nightlife Area

Usually on a weekday there are a good amount of people in Niku Yokocho, mostly local Japanese people coming for a drink or hearty meal after a long day of work. Niku Yokocho is usually packed on a Friday and Saturday so if you're going on one of those days then good luck finding seats.

Meat Alley Floor 2

So... Where is this Place?

Niku Yokocho is in a building next to the new famous TK Club. Since it is located in a building, you would think that this place is a big restaurant. Wrong! Once you enter the building and proceed to the alley, you'll easily find yourself astounded that this type of bazaar like place existed in one of the most trendiest places in Tokyo, Shibuya.

If you have visited Omoide Yokocho(Memory Lane) or Golden Gai in Shinjuku then Niku Yokochu will remind you of that kind of atmosphere.'s in a building and there's two floors of it.. and it's jammed packed with people eating, getting drunk, picking up people, and just keeping it real in one of the coolest nightlife areas of Tokyo.

Shibuya Bar Hopping Tour

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Shibuya Bar Hopping Food Tour at Night

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