Asakusa is historical town where there are lots of shrines and temples; thus it is a poplar sightseeing spot for tourists from abroad. There is also a new landmark Tokyo Sky Tree. At night, Izakayas (Japanese style bar) and restaurants would offer great nightlife. In this article, you can read about Edo Monja Hyōtan; this space is suited for bar hopping experience to enjoy Asakusa local food.

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Asakusa Monja Yaki, recommended shop③

Edo Monja Hyōtan


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Edo Monja Hyōtan is located in Nakamise; the outside of the shop looks like an old style Japanese house. This shop was featured on TV and other media so there are always many customers. If you do not know how to eat Monja, the stuffs would show you how. The first thing you shall try would be Monja Senbei; this is a traditional snack. It would be cooked in traditional way and it would give great aroma and flavor. In this shop, they serve their original recipe Monjas: one with spicy cod roe, sticky rice and cheese; one with prawn and fatty tuna. Those are not served in any other shops. Edo Monja Hyōtan would serve their Monja with soy sauce although other shops would serve theirs with brown sauce. Edo Monja Hyōtan’s way is the traditional way, their Japanese traditional Monja is soy sauce based with seafood soup stock. Some other shops would give you a vibe that is not so friendly, but this shop would give you warm welcome to all new comers.

Recommended menu①「Edo Monja」

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Edo Monja Hyōtan’s recommended menu would be Edo Monja; it is reasonably priced 600 yen. This would not to be missed. Another popular order is Menta Mochi Cheese. Cod roe is the best match with cheese!

Recommended menu②「specially chosen Monja」


Specially chosen Monja is one of the popular orders; it comes with squid’s pieces, raw squids, spicy cod roe, raw prawns, sticky rice, spring onion and small shrimps. It’s 1550 yen for 1 and half portion. It would be a good idea to share this dish amongst few people while drinking alcohol.

shop’s URL


address:1 Chome-37-4 Asakusa, Taitō-ku, Tokyo 111-0032, Japan
business hour:11:00〜22:00
Googlemap URL:

What kind of place, Asakusa?

History of Asakusa

Asakusa started to develop as a down town even Kyoto was the capital of Japan. Down town would mean that town for commoners with their culture. Also Sensō-ji had a great influence for the development; Asakusa served as the front town of Sensō-ji temple. About 1600, Japanese capital moved from Kyoto to Tokyo. Since the move, Asakusa made more improvements in business, culture and performing arts. Moreover, increasing of visitors created their local gourmet food such as Monja and Edo Sushi. You may be able to find out more about their gourmet food and history walking around Asakusa.

Enjoy Asakusa gourmet food!

The typical Asakusa gourmet food would be Edo sushi. There is a Sushi street in Asakusa thus there are many famous sushi restaurants. One of the famous restaurants is Hisaichi; the owner takes special care of picking up fresh seafood for his sushi. The recommended menu would be Nigiri Osusume.

Asakusa recommended guide tour

Magical Asakusa Tokyo Pub Crawl Tour- Night Crawl through Tokyo’s Historical Town

Asakusa has a mixture of new and old areas; there are also many sites to see. You may not be sure where to go; but there is a tour you can join. An experienced guide would take people to recommended sites and you would get lots of photo opportunities. After the sightseeing, the tour would hit Izakayas (Japanese style bar). Let’s enjoy a bar hopping experience with others.