Even at night time, Shinjuku is so light and lively crowded with many people. It is because that there are many bars and Izakayas open till morning, many events and night shows are held at several places. Drinking, singing, and shopping, we can enjoy night life of Shinjuku in several way. Especially, Karaoke is the popular one. Today, we will introduce the recommended Karaoke spot, “KARAOKE 47”.

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The best selection of Karaoke spot in Shinjuku⑤


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Keio Plaza Hotel is the skyscraper that has 2 towers located in Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo. Easily accessible from west exit of Shinjuku Station. It would take only 4 min walk. And it is the KARAOKE47 that located at top floor of Keio Plaza Hotel. We can look out over the Shinjuku city from 300 m above the ground in the room. The view is awesome! The lights of each buildings twinkle like illumination. All rooms are separated from others. So it would be also useful for family and even business. The business hour of this KARAOKE 47 is from 17:00 ~ 23:30 on weekday, 14:00 ~ 23:30 on weekends. The price is 9500 yen on weekday. It might feel little expensive but it’s worthy for this great view and luxurious time.

There are affordable plan such as party plan, luxury plan, and girls plan. These plans will be available for around 6000 ~ 7000 yen per person. It also includes all-you-can-drink, appetizer, fish dishes, meat dishes, pasta, and other very-the-hotel dishes. Credit cards are available here. Let’s enjoy Karaoke with great views from skyscrapers.

Karaoke in relaxing hotel.

source: keioplaza

After all, the attractive of KARAOKE 47 is the great view of the city. And good dishes and all-you-can-drink is also nice. KARAOKE 47 is available not only just for Karaoke, but also for the party, and meeting with colleagues. Each separated room would be also available for watching DVD. Please freely use this hi-grade and private space that only hotel can provide.


Address:47F, Keio Plaza Hotel, 2-2-1, Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Business Hour:17:00 ~ 23:30 on weekday, 14:00 ~ 23:30 on weekends

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Let’s Enjoy Night Life in Shinjuku

There are many bars and amusement facilities open till morning. You would not be boring all night here. In addition to popular Karaoke, a lot of bars and izakaya will allow you to enjoy drinking and having good dishes. Gay bars and Japanese Host Clubs are holding various events every night, and magic shows, comedy shows, and dance shows are also good to attend. Let’s enjoy full of night life in Shinjuku!