When you want to enjoy night life in Japan, you should go to Shinjuku. There are many bars and Izakaya open overnight, even various kinds of events and shows are held everyday at each night club. Japanese popular amusement, Karaoke are also available at many places. Today we will introduce recommended karaoke bar, ONE COIN BAR CHAMPION.

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“The Shinjuku Golden Town” indicates busy street located in Shinjuku, Kabukicho. There are lots of wooden-building bars standing in a low. This area is also known as the place where a lot of play-writers and people concerned with drama get together and enjoy drinking. Nowadays, even foreign travelers visit there to see this retro atmosphere. But for the first visitor, it seems to be somewhat non-welcome atmosphere. If we suggest one that feel easy to join for the beginners, it would be ONE COIN BAR CHAMPION. This bar literally allows you to enjoy drinking for 1 coin (500 yen) per 1 drink with no seat-charge. Even foreign customers often visit there. There are several drink menus such as Kirin, Heineken, Colona, Jima, San Miguel, Scotch, Bourbon, Gin, Tequila, Ram, Vodka, and Brandy. Of course, there is Cocktail menu. When you want to have something food, we could have Cup Noodles. There are not many bars that allow us enjoy drinking with only 500 yen. It’s good for you to set the base here when you sightseeing Golden Town.

Karaoke Bar where we can freely sing a song

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ONE COIN BAR CHAMPION is basically “the bar”. But you can try Karaoke and sing if you want. It is called “Japanese Snack Style”. In addition, Karaoke is available for free. First, select the song you want to sing on the box machine, then the melody will come out from the speakers. You would feel the different excitement because there would be another customer around you. Let’s have a good memory with drinking and singing.


Address:1-1-10, Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Business Hour:From Monday to Sunday, 6:00 pm ~ 4:00 pm


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In Shinjuku area, there are many amusements enjoyable only at night time. Enjoy drinking with the beautiful night view of Shinjuku, Gay bar, She-Male bar, and night shows would be also exciting. You could make communication with local people while drinking at Izakaya and get the friends there. In addition, there are many Karaoke shop. Singing overnight in this home country of Karaoke would be the great memory in Japan.