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Shinjuku is a special ward in Tokyo, Japan. It is a major commercial and administrative centre, housing the Northern half of the busiest railway station in the world (Shinjuku Station) and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, the administration centre for the government of Tokyo.

Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho aka Piss Alley

Omoide Yokocho literally meaning “Memory Lane” and more commonly known now as “Piss Alley”, has a very long history dating back to 1946. A year after World War 2 this area of Shinjuku started developing into a location for street vendors and the black market because of its easy accessibility

Different Ways Japan's Trying to Solve its Declining Marriage Rate (w/Photos)

At this point it is practically infamous that Japan has a declining birth rate issue, but a new tally by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan revealed that the number of marriages is also on the decline for its fifth straight year in a row. It'

Typhoon Bar Hopping in Tokyo! (w/Photos)

Unpredictable Weather Forecast The weather in Tokyo can fluctuate drastically in the summer.

REN|Kabukicho Shinjuku best selection pick up spot (w/Photos)

From many countries, many people gather to Shinjuku sightseeing spots. Even at weekday, it is crowed. Not only at noon but also at night, there are many people at Shinjuku. There are many tavern, nightclub at Shinjuku and you can meet many people. At this article, we will introduce use

Best Karaoke in Shinjuku: Uta-Hiroba Shinjuku South Exit Main Building (w/Photos)

Shinjuku is best enjoyed at night. There are many Izakaya and bars open until morning, as well as nightclubs with exciting events and night shows that will keep you entertained through the night. You can also find many karaoke spots open all night long, which is one of the most

Pasela Shinjuku / Shinjuku 3chome Shinjuku best selection karaoke (w/Photos)

Shinjuku has many places to go at noon. But to enjoy Shinjuku, night time is also recommended. There are many tavern and bar open until morning. At night club, event and night show are held every day. Needless to say, Japanese entertainment Karaoke can be enjoyed at many places. At

Karaoke 47 |Nishi Shinjuku – The Best Selection of Karaoke in Shinjuku (w/Photos)

Even at night time, Shinjuku is so light and lively crowded with many people. It is because that there are many bars and Izakayas open till morning, many events and night shows are held at several places. Drinking, singing, and shopping, we can enjoy night life of Shinjuku in several