The finish off during alcohol means the foods, which you feel like eating after drinking alcohol. The top ranking foods are ramen, ochazake, udon and onigiri. The alcohol taken to your body needs energy to be disassembled by enzyme at liver. At that time, carbohydrate and vitamin B12 become necessary. As a result, the body naturally wants to have foods to finish off. Recently, it’s becoming a trend to eat sweets such as parfait as the finish off. So, we would like to introduce you.

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Recent trend is the sweets?!


Recently, as foods to finish off drinking alcohol, sweets are become a trend. Western sweets popular one is parfait. In the tall glass, ice cream, fruits and many sweet toppings are putted to that dessert. The light ice cream and juicy fruit match well after drinking alcohol. If you are not familiar with the sweets, gudon (beef bowl), ochazake which puts tea on rice red snapper, salmon freak, seaweed, tempura and zosui with vegetables, chicken are recommended.

1.Bikuri donky


It is hamburger restaurant. It has original style to serve you with wooden plate and chopsticks. There are also many variations of original Hamburger menus. For dessert parfait, they have strawberry soft, mixed strawberry soft, coffee soft and you can enjoy many variations which you can’t eat at other restaurants.

The restaurant is located all over Japan. I. Tokyo, it’s in Shinjuku, Minami Ikebukuro, Tokyo doom and so on. Opening houses are different among the restaurants, so better to check it out in advance.

2.Tsubakiya coffee


Tsubakiya coffee is providing originally blended coffee and tea. It also has variation of cappuccino. It has adult atmosphere like old good days Western building with chic interior, silent classical music. Light meal such as curry rice and sandwiches are provided. There are sweets such as original cakes, ice cream mix and coffee jelly. Shops are located in Ginza, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Ueno and so on. There are shops open until morning so it is recommended to have a break after drinking alcohol.

3.Dashi chazuke En


It is a high-end Japanese first food restaurant. Dashi chazuke is the best seller but they also have udon, soba and rice bowl. It os difference from what you eat at your house. Instead of tea, they pour dashi to rice. There are many variations of toppings such as red snapper, mentaiko, dipped tuna, little shrimp and so on. The rice is also special Japanese one which has less stickiness to have the best matching for dashi chazuke. They have their particularity. The shops are located in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Chiba and abroad. In Tokyo, it’s located at Ginza, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and so on.

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