“Izakaya” is a Japanese pub for public and becoming popular among foreign tourists as well. Since you can enjoy not only drinks but also original and delicious foods, you can experience simultaneously the Japanese culture of foods and drinks. Among their various items on the menu we introduce seafood cuisine, “Kaisen” in this issue.

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Recommended “Kaisen” menu at “Izakaya”

“Kaisen” is seafood and recommended at “Izakaya”. “Kaisen” has many varieties in its recipes and ingredients which enables you to choose your favorite one. To mention a few “Sashimi” (sliced raw fish) and “Yaki-zakana” (grilled fish), “Tako-wasa” (sliced octopus with wasabi) which goes well with alcoholic drinks, “Shirasu” (boiled fry young fish flavored with soya sauce) and “Ei-hire” (grilled dry fin of the ray). Why not try these unique Japanese cuisines?

Recommended Cuisine 1, “Sashimi”

Mentioning Japanese “Kaisen”, you will think of “Sashimi” first. You may think that you can have “Sashimi” at only fancy restaurants. That’s not the case and you can enjoy delicious “Sashimi” at “Izakaya”. There are “Izakayas” who get daily supply of fresh seafood and provide “Sashimi” with very good quality. Tokyo has a very big seafood market so that fresh delicious “Sashimi” is available. Other than popular “Maguro” (tuna) and salmon, some “Izakayas” offer you unique ones. Why not try various “Sashimi” at different places?

Recommended Cuisine 2, “Yaki-zakana” (grilled fish)

Though many tourists may not recognize, “Yaki-zakana” is very popular at Japanese homes. You can enjoy “Yaki-zakana” at “Izakaya”. It goes very well with alcoholic drinks. It is very simple to cook. All you need to do is just grill fish and flavor it with salt. You can enjoy the original taste of fish. Atka mackerel, scad and salmon are popular for “Yaki-zakana”. The taste will agree with all nationalities and is recommended with “Sake”.

Recommended Cuisine 3, “Tsumami” (an hors d’oeuvre)

If you like to enjoy real “Kaisen” cuisine at “Izakaya”, you should try “Kaisen Tsumami” (seafood hors d’oeuvre) which goes well with alcohol, especially very good with Japanese “Sake”. To mention a few, “Ei-hire” (a dry fin of the ray), “Tako-wasa” (sliced octopus with wasabi) and “Yaki-gai” (grilled seashell with soya sauce flavor) are very good. At first they may look strange but if you give it try you will surely enjoy the taste.

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