Where to Get to Know the Locals in Tokyo?

The attraction of travelling is not only sightseeing and enjoying local cuisines but also something else. One of the attractions is an interaction with people. Especially getting to know local people makes your trip more memorable. It is fun and exciting to find new things. If you want to get to know local people, go to “Izakaya”, a pub or a local bar. It is not a bar in a hotel but a place where local people gather for a drink. There are such places in Shinjuku and Shibuya. Why not give it a try?

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1. “Golden-gai” in Shinjuku

“Shinjuku” is the number one district in Japan for night life. There is a quarter called “Shinjuku Golden-gai” (literally Golden Quarter), the most popular entertainment quarter for drinking. On the east side of “Shinjuku” Station there are around 200 two-story tenement houses along the small alley-ways. They are various drinking places such as “Izakaya”, pubs, bars, etc. with retrospective ambience. In 1970’s it was known as a town for intellectuals where writers and actors used to gather. Though the quarter used to be like a dingy entertainment area, there are many new shops run by young people recently and it is becoming popular among foreign tourists. If you want to delve into a bit of retrospective Japan, why not drop by?

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2. “Monja Street” in “Tsukishima”

“Monja-yaki” is a Tokyo’s local cuisine cooking wheat dissolved in water on a hot iron plate. If you would give it a try, we recommend “Tsukishima Monja Street” which is 500m long and where you find more than 50 small restaurants. It is a real local food in “Tsukijima” district. You yourself cook “Monja” on a piping hot plate with sizzling sounds and a nice smell of tick and strong sauce and oil. On the street you will see many signboards “Monja” on both sides. Though there are far too many restaurants to choose from, they are all good with long reputation and warm hospitality.

3. Shibuya Nonbei Yokocho

“Shibuya” is a town for the youth with sensational buildings. There is “Nonbei Yokocho” (literally drunkards’ quarter) close to “Shibuya” Station. There are about 30 small “Izakayas” and bars whose entrance is just 1.8m wide. It is an “Izakaya Yokocho” with nostalgic ambience of “Showa” (the period of Japanese calendar during the reign of Emperor Showa). “Yokocho” means small alley-ways off mains streets. There you will find restaurants for “Yakitori”, “Oden” and modern bistros with western alcoholic drinks. Each restaurant is unique for its character. In recent days 30 – 40% of guests are foreigners. It used to be rather difficult to get in for first time customers but today they are friendly to everyone. Let’s drop by and learn the Japanese drinking culture.

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