Lately the number of travelers visiting Japan increased, thus leading to some much-needed excitement in the tour business of Japan.

Among these tours, nightlife tours aimed towards these tourists and travelers are gaining traction.

The tour hosted by Tokyo Pub Crawl where you visit four bars and clubs is one of the most popular ones. Over 70 to 100 participants from around the world including some local Japanese people participate in this tour. This is a great international exchange party for everyone to enjoy.

We, at Magical Trip, have participated in this tour and have condensed the key points of the tour below for easy access and easy understanding!

【Enjoy different themes each time】

This tour took us to four bars and clubs in Roppongi.

Tokyo Pub Crawl has themes per tour and this time was the “Glow Party”. At the bars, sunglasses and flashing accessories were handed out. Allowing everyone to feel a part of a bigger group with their sparkling sunglasses.

Other upcoming and popular themes are “New Year’s Party” and “Disco Party”.

【Get Free Drinks? Fun Games】

Games are held during the party where if you sing or dance in front of everyone, you can win a free drink. One of our staff participated won a free drink! Several other games were also prepared allowing for the atmosphere to be comfortable for other participants.

【Low cost but filled with benefits】

There are many benefits to this tour. First, a free welcome shot is offered at each bar, and you can drink a free drink when you move to next club. Additional drinks need to be paid for by yourself, but discounts are also applied. This low price allows you to drink plenty without breaking the bank. Of course, not to mention, the entrance fee for each spot is also included in the tour fee. Tokyo Pub Crawl has built up its trust with spots with its ability to bring many customers throughout its many years, allowing you to enjoy these wonderful benefits.

【Worried if you can’t enjoy when participating solo? No need to worry! 】

We felt that many people participated this tour solo making it easy for participants to make friends and easily enjoy themselves as soon as they get some drinks. In the unlikely event, that you don’t make friends from the start, the staff will help you, so everyone can enjoy. We were easily able to enjoy the experience and made some wonderful once in a lifetime friendships.

【“I hope everyone joining enjoys to their fullest”__CEO of Tokyo Pub Crawl】

In the end, we would like to share thoughts from interview CEO of Tokyo Pub Crawl.

Q. How did you start this event?

I started going on pub crawls in Tokyo with friends first. And then I saw a business plan in it to organize it for other people, so that they also can enjoy the fun of going on a pub crawl in Tokyo

Q. Why do your customers like your events?

We think because people can make new friends and have a fun time drinking at new places

Q. What is the main target?

“That everyone enjoys themselves”

If we see people alone or bored during the pub crawl, we’ll try to get those people to enjoy themselves more, by introducing them to other people or have them join the pub crawl games.

Q. What is your future goals?

We already started doing pub crawls in Osaka and Kyoto. And soon we also want to do pub crawls in Seoul. We are already in talks with some people there.

Through the interview, we were able to feel the passion they have for customer service.

We cannot keep our eyes off Tokyo Pub Crawl as they continue to face each customer sincerely and pay full attention to customer satisfaction.

【Information of Tokyo Pub Crawl Tour】




9pm~11:45pm(Free to enjoy clubbing after as well)



What is included in the tour

  • Bar and Club Entrance Fees
  • Welcome Shot (1 Shot per Bar)
  • All-you-can-drink shots of Jeger Meister, Jose Querco or Struthnaya at Bar
  • Drink Discount (Up to 50% off, varies per bar)
  • Games and Activities
  • Pictures taken that night (Available online)