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Recommended "Night Clubs" to Enjoy Shibuya's Nightlife

Discover Shibuya's vibrant nightlife as a hub of Japanese youth culture. From trendy night clubs to lively pubs and bars, this sleepless city offers an energetic night out.

New Way to Meet New People and Travelers at Night in Tokyo – MagicalTrip Meets Tokyo Pub Crawl (w/Photos)

Lately the number of travelers visiting Japan increased, thus leading to some much-needed excitement in the tour business of Japan. Among these tours, nightlife tours aimed towards these tourists and travelers are gaining traction. The tour hosted by Tokyo Pub Crawl where you visit four bars and clubs is one

Best Nightclubs in Shinjuku: Neo Masquerade in Shinjuku 2-Chome (w/Photos)

Shinjuku is a city that never sleeps. Shops in Shinjuku stay open long hours; for example, Biqlo, a mashup of Uniqlo and Big Camera (an electronics store), is open until 10 PM and Don Quixote, the all-genre discount store, stays open 24 hours. Visitors can also drink and party all

BUMP|Kabukicho Shinjuku best selection night club (w/Photos)

At Shinjuku there are many places to do shopping and playing at night. Three are not only karaoke box, drinking place but also host club, gay bar and okama bar. In addition, Don Quijote, where you can get daily goods and souvenirs are open for 24 hours. At night, go

Pitt Inn|Kabukicho Shinjuku best selection pick up spot (w/Photos)

There is lots of entertainment at night in Shinjuku such as 24 hour shops, karaoke boxes, taverns, host clubs, gay bars, and nightclubs where various events are held every day. In this article, we would like to introduce one of the nightclubs, Shinjuku Pitt Inn. If you would like to

Decabar Z|Carefully Selected Night Club in Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku (w/Photos)

Shinjuku is a town where you can enjoy even at night. Not to mention Karaoke box and Izakaya, there are also host-clubs and gay bars around. You can also enjoy shopping anytime at Don Quijote that opens for 24 hours. Let’s go to Shinjuku at night! In this article

AiSOTOPE LOUNGE|Shinjuku 2 chome, Shinjuku chosen nightclub (w/Photos)

24hour town Shinjuku, it’s swarmed by nightlife spots. There are full of entertainments: 24hour open shopping center, Karaoke boxes and clubs. Everyone can find things to do. In this article, you can read about nightclub AiSOTOPE LOUNGE. If you would like to read about other club spots in Shinjuku,