Shinjuku is one of the popular tourist destinations in Tokyo. It is packed with people even during the weekdays. There are many interesting places to go such as restaurants and shopping, but the most recommended is to visit at night. Many shops are opened all through the night, so you can enjoy the entire night. In this article, we will introduce New York BAR where you can enjoy the magnificent night view in Shinjuku.

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Best Night View Spot in Shinjuku

New York BAR

Source: Park Hyatt Tokyo

New York BAR is a stylish bar located on the top floor of the Park Hyatt Tokyo, one of the popular luxury hotels in Tokyo. A scene from the movie Lost in Translation was shot in this bar, and it is a popular destination among the foreign tourists. Located on the 52th floor of the hotel, you can enjoy the superior views of Shinjuku’s skyscrapers. Especially the night view from the bar is simply breath taking. The bar also features live Jazz performance. It is absolutely a perfect place to go on a date. They also receive artists from overseas. It is also known that Lady Gaga sang in this bar. The 8 meters floor-to-ceiling windows surrounding the whole floor offer a stunning view from the moment you step in to the floor inviting you to a magical and extraordinary world. The pair seats by the window are best recommended. You can view the Meiji Jingu Shrine and the greenery of Yoyogi Park at the bottom, and Shibuya next to it. On the left, you can admire the night view of Roppongi and Tokyo bay area offering a magnificent 360 degrees view of Tokyo City.

Recommended Food and Drinks


New York BAR offers snack menu including fresh fruits, cheese, chocolate and some of the more filling food such as Japanese beef cheeseburger. For drinks, they have wide-ranging selection such as premium beer, whiskeys, vodka, original cocktails and the largest selection of Californian wines in Tokyo. Enjoy some quality drinks along with the stunning night view and great Jazz live performance.


Address:Park Hyatt Tokyo

3-7-1-2 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Opening hours:Sunday to Wednesday 5:00 pm to midnight, Thursday to Saturday   5:00 pm to 1:00 am


Enjoy the Night in Shinjuku!

Shinjuku is often referred to as the “Sleepless Town.” There are many stores in Shinjuku like the popular Bicqlo and Don quijote among overseas tourists that are opened 24 hours, so you can enjoy shopping anytime of the day. You can also find many stylish bars with good live music performances as well as places to enjoy the stunning night view from the tall buildings. The city offers an endless range of places to enjoy the nightlife such as karaoke, Izakaya, bars, nightclubs as well as host and hostess clubs that will never make you bored all through the night.

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