「Shinjuku Nishiguchi(west exit) Omoide-Yokocho」in Tokyo・Shinjuku has a lot of retro restaurants of 1950s named 「Izakaya」 that serve you good Sake and dishes. Today, we would like to introduce a local Izakaya at Shinjuku Nichiguchi Omoide-Yokocho. It is grilled Unagi (Eel) skewered specialty shop「KABUTO」

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「KABUTO」is Izakaya that has a history since 1948 in Shinjuku Nichiguchi Omoide-Yokocho. It’s small restaurant that has only 25 of counter seats at the first floor. So you might be unwilling to try, if you are the first customer. Located in the middle of this Omoide-Yokocho, 「KABUTO」 provides us with grilled Unagi(Eel) skewerd specialty. But the main dish of Unagi served in this Izakaya is not only basically-popular glaze-grilled eel with sweet chili sauce. We can enjoy having not only a part of a fish, but also head part, tail part, fin part, innards part, these that we usually could not eat. They grill skewered Unagi over the charcoal like as Japanese grilled and skewered chicken. There is a full course menu named 「Hitotori」that is enjoyable for full parts of Unagi. If you want to take pride in having a knowledge of Japanese Unagi dish, 「KABUTO」must not be missed.

「KABUTO」‘s Recommended Dish


When you come 「KABUTO」, let’s try to have several parts of Unagi. Nowadays, glaze-grilled eel is getting popular also in overseas, but head part and innards part are hardly eaten, even in Japan. The innards part tastes bit bitter, but the sauce have a similar taste with TERIYAKI sauce, so it feel nothing bad eating and good appetizer with Sake. When you order the full course menu 「Hitotori」, you can have several part of Unagi. Please try to eat up all the Japanese Unagi


Address:1-2-11, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Open and Close:
Week day:14:00~21:00(Last call 20:45)
Saturday:14:00~21:00(Last call 20:45)
Regular Holiday:Sunday, National holiday, Year-end and New Year holidays
Access:About 2 min walk from JR 「Shinjuku Station」, About 5 min walk from 「Shinjuku Station」 on Seibu Line

What is the Shinjuku Nishiguchi Omoide-Yokocho

Shinuku Nishiguchi Omoide-Yokocho has a roots in black market built after the Second World War in 1946. Recently, it has become the place that has mainly grilled-chicken and grilled offal Izakaya, and another many small Izakayas. The Omoide-Yokocho where a lot of Izakaya is standing in a row has a popular way of enjoying Izakaya. It is 「Hashigozake」、means Bar-Hopping in English. It is also very popular way among foreign tourists. It allows you to communicate with another customers drinking besides you and experience Japanese Izakaya culture.

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