If you’re seeking a dining experience at a local izakaya, look no further than the retro-inspired “Ebisu Yokocho”. This time, we are introducing “Hamayaki Sakaba Uomaru”, a Japanese seafood izakaya in Ebisu Yokocho.

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About “Hamayaki Sakaba Uomaru”


Hamayaki Sakaba Uomaru is a Japanese seafood izakaya situated in Ebisu Yokocho. The izakaya is compact with only 75 seats, but the female owner and staff create a lively and welcoming atmosphere. Uomaru is known for “hamayaki”, which is a cooking method whereby diners grill food on an indoor BBQ set. The hamayaki menu includes shellfish, squid, and crab. Alternatively, diners can also order tuna steak, fresh sashimi, and sushi. Take this opportunity to experience a unique cooking method and feast on seafood to your heart’s content.

Recommended Menu Items at “Hamayaki Sakaba Uomaru”


Hamayaki is a must at the eponymous Hamayaki Sakaba Uomaru. In particular, the shellfish, such as sazae, hotate, and hamaguri, are highly recommended in terms of taste and visuals — you cook them straight on the grill and adjust the doneness to your liking. The uni and ikura sushi that are toppling over with plentiful toppings are equally photogenic. Serving sizes are generous and prices are reasonable, so diners can savor seafood from appetizers to the main dish. Additionally, a rare liquor called “hoisu” is available, so we recommend trying it with the food. Finally, finish your meal with “arajiru” — a fish stock-based miso soup. After dining at Hamayaki Sakaba Uomaru, you’ll leave as an expert of Japanese izakaya dining.

Overview of Hamayaki Sakaba Uomaru

Address: 1-7-2 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Hours: 17:00 — 5:00 following day
No planned closures
2 minute walk from Ebisu Station East Exit on JR Yamanote / Saikyo / Shonan Shinjuku Lines
2 minute walk from Ebisu Station on JR Metro Hibiya Line

What is Ebisu Yokocho?


Ebisu Yokocho was built over the Yamashita Shopping Center, a former shotengai or shopping street. Ebisu Yokocho is home to numerous small, but unique izakayas that ensure a lively dining experience. Visitors can choose from a variety of meats, seafood, and liquors at relatively reasonable prices. An added bonus is the covered roof, so visitors can enjoy Ebisu Yokocho on rainy days.

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