One of the most popular sightseeing cities in the world would be Tokyo. There are lots of unique pubs and bars among traditional Japanese ones. Tourists can experience many different sides of Japanese culture. – Nakame Takkyu (Takkyu means table tennis) Lounge offers you a place to enjoy drinking alcohols and playing table tennis. After a long day of sightseeing, why don’t you visit this place to take a break?

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About Nakame Takkyu Lounge


In this trendy town Nakameguro, there is an old building house Nakame Takkyu Lounge. There is no visible sign or mark to show about this lounge thus you may think this is a residential place. You need to buzz their buzzer to get inside. You may feel odd to go inside, since the place does not give great sporty friendly vive. But you would rather hear Jazzy easy BGM and see comfy sofa seating in dim lighting because they would want to offer quality time with your friends. This tranquil atmosphere would give you feeling as if you are at friend house having relaxing time. Due to this uniqueness, their customers are vary: local youngsters, business men and tourists. They are always in full swing, and lately become more popular amongst tourists.

Things you can do at Nakame Takkyu Lounge


Nakame Takkyu Lounge offers you a place for table tennis, as well as a full menu for food and drinks. For alcohol lovers, their menu includes beers, Japanese sake and original cocktails. You can try prosciuttos and original cheese sausages with your drinks. They only have one table for tennis, so you need to shear it with others. They are located near the Nakameguro station, the area has other bars and pubs to enjoy drinking so it’s a perfect place for Japanese binge drinking experience. This is the one of places to enjoy night out in Tokyo. You can hair the lounge for a private use outside of their business hours. This is the only place you can play table tennis when you are bit tipsy, why don’t you try to do so?

About Nakame Takkyu Lounge

address: Line House Nakameguro 2F, 1-3-13 Meguro, Meguro, Tokyo
closed:around new year
3 min walk from Nakameguro station
5 min walk from Daikanyama station
13 min walk Ebisu station

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