Tokyo is one of the biggest city in the world. This tourist city Tokyo offers many unique concept bars which give various experiences as well as traditional restaurants. Planetarium BAR is one of them. Obviously, it’s hard to see any constellations in night sky from neon bright city Tokyo. So this bar offers costumers to enjoy their drink under the starts.

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About Planetarium BAR

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In the high-end residential area Shiroganedai, there is a bar with a proper planetarium apparatus. They can project about 5 million stars including stars which normally you can not see with bare eyes. This bar is quite popular amongst tourists from abroad. Stars are projected not only to the doom ceiling but also everywhere in the bar; this creates that as if you are walking through stars. Their large space includes counter seats and relaxing sofa-seating area; the atmosphere is very calming. The view from the bar is also matching with their interior; you can enjoy great night view of Tokyo. The planetarium projection is always on while they are open, therefore, you do not have to rush to enjoy this unique experience and enjoy your drink.

Things you can do in Planetarium BAR

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In Planetarium BAR, you can enjoy many different alcohols, as well as original 12 zodiac signs’ cocktails. You can request to project a constellation of a specific time and date. Moreover, you can try out the latest VR planetarium; you can feel as if you are visiting Uyuni salt flat in Bolivia, enjoying the breathtaking night stars. Before the bar opening time, children can enjoy the planetarium. This bar can be used for a private hire: parties and location for filming. They also rent out the planetarium projector for home parties and other events. Everyone can enjoy this wonderful planetarium experience.

About Planetarium BAR

address:Tsutsui Shiroganedai Building 5F 4-9-23 Shiroganedai, Minatoku, Tokyo
(Sunday and holidays)PM7:00~AM0:00
Tokyo metro Nanboku Line / Toei Chikatetsu Mita Line, Shiroganedai Station about 5 min walk

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