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【Night Club in Tokyo -Shibuya-】Great for Club beginners, and easy to talk to girls, Shibuya Club atom (w/Photos)

## Shibuya Club atom

Even among the clubs along Maruyama-cho, Club Atom is famous as the “Nampa Box”, the easy place to ask people out. Atom is made up of the CAVE on the 4th floor, the main floor on the 5th floor and the LOFT on the 6th floor. Music on the main floor is ALL MIX genre and there are good standing areas, where you can fully enjoy the lively atmosphere. If you want to meet other Japanese people of the opposite gender, stop by and have a fun night!

Please not that there is a specific dress code. Wearing a jersey, sweats, beach sandals, rubber slipper, tank tops will stop you at the entrance.

Detail of Club atom

Address4F/5F Dr.Jeekahn’s Maruyamacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0044, Japan
Business hours10PM to 4:30 AM
SmokingHas Smoking/NonSmoking areas
Dress codevaries on event


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