## Studio Coast / ageHa Tokyo

STUDIO COAST, a live house in Shinkiba is the center of live concerts for rock and hip hop.

Once at night, weekends and holidays such as Halloween and Christmas, club ageHa opens.

In ageHa, 4 dance floors are open. ISLAND consists of a bar and smoking area, WATER is a pool in the outdoor area, BOX is a live space with an underground atmosphere, and ARENA is the main floor with a space for about 2400 people. ARENA has an amazing sound and lighting system where many DJs gather from Japan and abroad. There are bar counters on each floor but also pay attention to the differences in drinks per floor. Depending on the event, Drag Queens may come by to sell you some tequila and drinks.

DJs who have appeared so far include DJ KAORI, ☆ Taku Takahashi, Yasutaka Nakata, DJ KOMORI, etc. Although it is a little away from the city center, there is also a free shuttle bus to and from Shibuya and Shinkiba, so you can go for fun with no issues.

Detail of Studio Coast / ageHa Tokyo

Past Events-ASOBINITE!!!Yasutaka Nakata, KYARY PAMYU PAMYU, Tetsuya Komuro

-Brand-New Tokyo Midnight Streetball Fights

Address2-2-10 Shinkiba Koutou-ku Tokyo 136-0082
Business hoursvaries on event
SmokingHas Smoking/NonSmoking areas
WebShinkiba STUDIO COASThttp://www.studio-coast.com/
ageha Tokyo: http://www.ageha.com/
Dress codevaries on event