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Knife shop around Yanaka Ginza

Discover the charm of old Tokyo at Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street, featuring Showa-era shops, delicious street food, and cute cats. Visit nearby Kappabashi Dogugai for knives and kitchenware.

6 Traditional Craft Shops in Yanaka Ginza You Must Visit!

Discover the charm of old Tokyo in Yanaka Ginza, a cat-filled town known for its traditional crafts, temples, and shrines. Explore recommended shops.

Shops in Yanaka Ginza Shopping Street!

Amidst Tokyo's futuristic redevelopments, Yanaka Ginza preserves the city's nostalgic mid-20th century downtown vibe with over 60 retro shops lining its streets. Famous as a "cat town," it's filled with shrines, temples, traditional crafts, and delicious street food.