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Sanokiya, A Fish-shaped Pancake You Should Try Out at Tsukiji Outer Market (w/Photos)

Tsukiji fish market is the world largest wholesale market which is separated into 2 sections: inner market for dealers of seafood and vegetable and fruit, and outer market which has many restaurants for the public to enjoy seafood. It’s would be fun that you go to the outer market

Best 3 must try dishes to finish off drinking alcohol at Tokyo “sweets/ light meal” (w/Photos)

The finish off during alcohol means the foods, which you feel like eating after drinking alcohol. The top ranking foods are ramen, ochazake, udon and onigiri. The alcohol taken to your body needs energy to be disassembled by enzyme at liver. At that time, carbohydrate and vitamin B12 become necessary.

Experience “Shime” in Tokyo’s bar and pub Izakaya (w/Photos)

In Japanese culture, it is a custom to eat carbohydrates after drinking alcohol. This custom would be called “Shime” Shime means the end. What’s Shime menu like? If you wan to experience Shime, you shall read about it a bit before, so your experience would be much better one.

Amazing Japanese Sweets Cafes in Asakusa - Matoi (w/Photos)

By walking 30 seconds from Kaminarimon (雷門, “Thunder Gate”), you can arrive at a Japanese sweets cafe called Matoi.  People love coming to this cafe because of its great location and its amazing anmitsu and maccha menu offerings.  In contrast to the busy Kaminarimon area, this cafe offers a slow

Amazing Japanese Sweets Cafes in Asakusa - Kagurachaka Petit (w/Photos)

When it comes to a Japanese sweets cafe where you can enjoy fresh maccha green tea, it’s Kagurachaka Petit that opened in the summer of 2016.  Using the highest class of tea leaves grown in Aichi Prefecture, this cafe grinds the tea with great attention every morning to serve

The Café Where We can have an Awesome Japanese Sweets in Asakusa – Asakusa Kagetsudo (w/Photos)

The Asakusa specialty「Jumbo Melon Pan」 is served at Asakusa Kagetsudo established in 1945. It is only 8 min walk from Asakusa station, we turn left at the corner of the main hall of Senso-ji Temple and could see this cafe at the entrance of Nishi-Sando Shopping center. The main

The Cafe Where We can have an Awesome Japanese Sweet in Asakusa – Izumi (w/Photos)

When we talk about the popular café for Anmitsu around Asakusa / Raimon Street, 「Asakusa Izumi」is the must. The Japanese sweets that is served to you at a relaxing café space has been made from fastidious ingredients and with old and even new production method. 「The Hospitality」is the motto