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Let’s try at izakaya or bar in Tokyo soba and udon noodle as an “shime”( after drinking alcohol ) (w/Photos)

About  “shime” ( after drinking alcohol) “shime” means the food what you want to eat after drinking alcohol. Most of them are “ramen” ”soba noodle,” “Chazuke( pouring green tea over cooked rice)”,”o-nigiri(rice ball)”.When you drink alcohol, blood glucose levels are lowered. So that your body need carbohydrate to

Experience “Shime” in Tokyo’s bar and pub Izakaya (w/Photos)

In Japanese culture, it is a custom to eat carbohydrates after drinking alcohol. This custom would be called “Shime” Shime means the end. What’s Shime menu like? If you wan to experience Shime, you shall read about it a bit before, so your experience would be much better one.

Top 5 Izakaya Bars Recommended at Shinjuku West Exit Omoide Yokocho (w/Photos)

“Shinjuku West Exit Omoide Yokocho” is a perfect place to experience “Izakaya”, which is a style of traditional Japanese bar that serves dishes to accompany alcoholic drinks. Here is the top five Izakaya recommended to International tourists at “Shinjuku West Exit Omoide Yokocho”, all of which have a very nice

Freshly Made Udon in Tokyo - Taniya (w/Photos)

Looking for freshly made udon noodles in Tokyo? Come try out Taniya Udon Shop located near the famous Suitengumae shrine(a shrine known for giving good fortune towards pregnancy). The style of udon noodles here are from the Sanuki region of Kagawa prefecture. Here you can watch udon being freshly