Looking for freshly made udon noodles in Tokyo? Come try out Taniya Udon Shop located near the famous Suitengumae shrine(a shrine known for giving good fortune towards pregnancy). The style of udon noodles here are from the Sanuki region of Kagawa prefecture. Here you can watch udon being freshly rolled and sliced into long thick noddles.

At Taniya there are a variety of different udon to choose from. For example you can have tempura udon, bukkake udon, or tama tama udon(udon with raw egg). Check out the menu in the link below to find out more details on what’s on the menu. Taniya also serves seasonal udon so check out their blog for what’s currently on the menu or what will be coming up next season.

Seats here are limited. At around noon, it is pretty packed with customers eating udon for lunch. If you are going to try out this shop we recommend coming around 1pm to beat the rush hour. If you’re a tourist or don’t know any Japanese it’s OK, this shop provides an English menu that makes your life easier. Try out Taniya Udon shop on your trip to Tokyo, one of the best places to eat udon in Japan.

Taniya 谷や

Chuo-ku, Nihonbashi Ningyocho 2-15-17


The menu at Taniya.

Taniya blog (with photos of their seasonal udon dishes).

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