There are many Tokyo food tours for travelers during the day but what about food tours at night? As a traveler you may have researched online, different places to eat at night. That may include michelin star restaurants, sushi bars, or BBQ restaurants. The cost of how much you pay to eat at restaurants can often add up and become an expensive portion of your trip to Tokyo. You may think that is how Japanese locals here like to eat but in reality they also like to have a good meal while doing it at a affordable cost. After all, if you're a modest worker then you'd rather not eat out too much at high priced places and just go to your local izayaka, which is a Japanese style bar. For travelers wanting to experience an authentic local Japanese night culture, the task of finding those places can be a challenge and even more so with the language barrier.

Tsukune (Grilled Chicken)

Magical Trip Nightlife Food Tours

What should I do at night? Where do people here normally go to eat? How do I make the most out of my trip to Tokyo? When we at Magical Trip, a start-up company in Tokyo, started introducing our bar hopping tours, our main goal was to introduce Japanese nightlife culture through food & drinks and through the perspectives of our local guides. We didn't want to make standard tours nor tours where the number of participants affects the guides engagement. We wanted to make tours where our guides can enjoy themselves at ease while sharing their culture and engaging each individual traveler to get to know, to teach, and to just have fun on the food tour.

Tokyo Bar Hopping Food Tours

Asakusa - Enjoy Majestic Night Views

Sensoji Temple at night

If you've ever been to Asakusa, it will most likely be during the daytime as many Tokyo tourists flock to the area to pray and see the historic temple, Sensoji. What many people don't know is that temple is still open even at night. There may not be merchant shops open but at night Sensoji temple lights up to reveal a other worldly view. On our Asakusa Bar Hopping Night Food Tour in Tokyo, we take you to enjoy the night views of Asakusa Sensoji and take you to enjoy local izakayas where you can enjoy delicious dishes such as Okonomiyaki, Monja, Yakitori, as well as trying out Japanese drinks such as beer and hoppy. The charming points of this food tour is that you can get to hop 3 different izakyas as well as getting the chance to learn how to make Okonomiyaki or Monja. Our guide will show you the steps on how to make this Japanese style pancake so that next time if you ever go to a okonomiyaki/monja izakaya on your own to eat, you will know exactly what to do.

Shinjuku & Ebisu - Where History meets the Modern World

Through our Shinjuku & Ebisu night food tour we hear many guests rave that when they come Tokyo, this is what they expected to see. But what is it exactly that makes our guests so happy to experience? When people come to Tokyo, often times they come with a specific image in mind but only ever rarely experience it. One of the most popular image of Tokyo or Japan in general throughout the world is that of a futuristic/cyberpunk/steampunk atmosphere. This type of imagery stems from the perceptions obtained through watching movies or anime such as Akira, Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell etc. In reality Tokyo does not look like the settings in those movies but it comes really close to it, as most are inspired through a fusion of imagination and reality. We are happy that our food tour atmosphere can fulfill our guests imagination as well as giving them a fun time in the city while enjoying food & drinks with a local guide.

Shibuya - Discover Meat Alley City

Inside the Meat Alley in Tokyo

In the most super famous part of Tokyo, the place where thousands of people gather, drink, eat, and party, is an area called Shibuya. For tourists coming to Tokyo, it's a can't miss place even at night. However in Shibuya besides all the clubs, shops, and tourist traps, lies a place where locals gather after work to enjoy food and drinks. On our Shibuya food tour in Tokyo we take travelers to this hidden meat alley where you guessed it, is filled with meat meat and more meat. Of course there are vegetarian food available too if you like to come and enjoy the atmosphere. After all this meat alley is your literal hole in the wall shop, but not just one shop, instead it is filled with several shops and there's two floors of it...

Osaka - The Food Kitchen of Japan

We not only do Tokyo food tours by night but also do other cities in Japan. One of our notable ones is Osaka, which is considered the food kitchen of Japan because of its abundance of food from various parts of the world. It is essentially the melting pot of food and culture and the bar hopping food tour will take you around to several places to enjoy the nightlife local atmosphere.

Kyoto Bar Hopping food tour at night coming soon!

Food Tours by Night Creation

The Trials

Bloopers of filming tour

When we started creating our tours, one of the first challenges we faced was how do we show our food tours and message to users. We weren't film experts and we weren't actors but we believe that shouldn't stop us from making something fun. It took lots of testing and filming but we were able to consistently create fun videos and photos that embodies the essence of our nightlife food tours.

The Memories

Fun times on Food Tour at night

Through the initial start and till where we are now, we have refined and feel confident about our food tours. Looking back, it was a fun experience to learn new things and enjoy talking and laughing about it.

Each Tour Guide is Unique

Awesome fun guides in Japan

Guides are very important to tours especially food tours. They have to be knowledgeable about the tour they are in and taking care of the guests that they are guiding. Besides being knowledgeable about culture, food, environment etc. It is best for our guides to be great people so that you can enjoy hanging out with and talking to. Communication, personality, and a good heart goes a long way in having fun and making great memories.

No Food No Life

Meat Sushi

On Magical Trip's food tours you can enjoy many various types of Japanese delicious food dishes. Even if you are a vegetarian, have allergies, or have things you cannot eat, it's okay let us know and our guides will help take care of that for you so that you can still enjoy a wonderful experience in Tokyo.

Interested in finding out more about our food tours by night? Check out our list of nightlife food tours on our site at Magical Trip or read our reviews on TripAdvisor, ranked #2 in Nightlife in Shinjuku. We are looking forward to you joining us and exploring Tokyo and Japan during the night while enjoying good company and food!

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Explore Shinjuku at night

Introduction to Japanese Izakaya culture