The popular sightseeing spot in Japan among foreign tourists – Asakusa. There are many temples, shrines, and historical architectures. It is a good place to feel Japanese tradition and history. In the city, there are many Izakayas and bars that good for bar hopping. Today, we will introduce recommended Izakaya in Asakusa – “Tonteki Genki”

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Recommended Izakaya in Asakusa①

Tonteki Genki


Tonteki Genki is the first pork stake specialty restaurant in Asakusa. They serve soft, juicy, and good flavor gourmet stake. The pork used in this restaurant is stoked directory from 「Nanshu Farm」in Kagoshima. It is 100% black pork made in Nanshu Farm. This pork has these advantages that very thin and soft fiber, lustrous and chewy, and water holding ability. And it’s fat melt at only high heat, and not too heavy. It would change your stereotype of pork dishes. It is fresh taste so even female could eat it all for herself. In addition to pork stake dishes, they serve “Salt Chankonabe” that is made by former grand sumo player in Tamainobeya. It is also popular one.

Recommended menu①「Kuro Ton Hamburg」


The main dishes of Tonteki Genki is 「Kuro Ton Hamburg」. This is cooked with pork made in Nanshu Farm and grilled it in the restaurant. It is so thick that would change our stereotype of “Hamburg”. Moreover, it is soft, full of good flavor, and so juicy. Please once try it.

Recommended menu②「Kuro Tonteki」


The popular Tonteki made of 100% fresh off the Nanshu farm「Kagoshima Black Pork」. This is the most popular menu in Tonteki Genki. It’s seemingly clear pink in section and rare, but it’s well-grilled until inside with low heat. It’s served on hot plate. It looks really delicious!

The URL of the restaurant


Address:1,2F Tonhachi-Bldg, 2-27-10, Nichi Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Business Hour:Weekday 17:00~24:00 (L.O.23:30)
Saturday, Sunday, National Holiday 11:30~24:00 (L.O.23:30)
Google map URL:

What is Asakusa like?

The history of Asakusa


The history of Asakusa has been continued since the capital of Japan was located in Kyoto. After it’s moved to Tokyo city, Asakusa has become busy city for business, culture, and entertainment. It is said that Sumida River played the big role of its flourishment. Asakusa temple is said that it has an origin from the small Buddhist image in the Sumida River, it is indispensable for the history of Asakusa. Asakusa has been created by temples, shrines, and town, everything. You will see the attractive point of Asakusa when you go sightseeing with the knowledge of those hidden history. There are good spot for sightseeing such as Tokyo Sky Tree and Kotokyo Museum around.

Let’s enjoy Asakusa gourmet!

When it comes to representative gourmet of Asakusa, we come up with Sushi. There are so many Sushi restaurant in Asakusa that there is the street named「Sushi street」. It runs about 100m from Kaminarimon Street to Asakusa Rokkusinko-gai. The most recommended Sushi restaurant among those many others is「Sushihatsu Sohonten」. They serve not only Sushi but also side-dishes made of the most seasonal and fresh seafood on the season. Let’s enjoy having Sushi there.

Recommended guide tour in Asakusa

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Asakusa has many Izakayas and bars, it’s good area for the people who want to try bar-hopping. If you want enjoy more, let’s join the bar-hopping tour in Asakua. During the tour, Japanese guide will take you to their recommended Izakaya. You could get new friends with other members as well.