Asakusa has not only temples and shrines, but also many other sightseeing spots such as Tokyo Sky trees. In addition to sightseeing, there are a lots of Izakaya where we can enjoy bar-hopping. Let’s enjoy both in your travel in Japan. Today, we will introduce some recommended Izakaya where we can enjoy nightlife in Asakusa.

5-Must-Try Izakayas in Asakusa

1.Tonteki Genki


Tonteki Genki is the first pork stake specialty restaurant in Asakusa. They serve soft, juicy, and good flavor gourmet stake. The pork used in this restaurant has a fat that melt at only high heat, and not too heavy. It would change your stereotype of pork dishes. In addition to pork dishes, they serve “Salt Chankonabe” that is made by former grand sumo player. It is also very good.

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2.Taishu Tori Sakaba Toritsubaki Kaminarimon 1-Chome

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Taishu Tori Sakaba Toritsubaki Kaminarimon 1-Chome is the good Yakitori Izakaya that serve authentic Chinchirorin Highball. When you throw a dice, you could get the half price discount depending on the number. There are calm atmosphere in the Izakaya. The main menu is fried tulip chicken. It is deeply soaked up a lot of flavor and we can enjoy crunchy texture. They have some other good dishes too. Let’s enjoy night life with these good dishes in Toritsubaki Asakusa.

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Akagaki is the popular Izakaya in Asakusa. They serve fresh and seasonal seafood that many customers visit here for. In the Izakaya, there are menu board on the wall such as fried dishes, grilled dishes, and stewed dishes. They have about 60 kinds. Each menu can be have for around 500 yen. The popular menu is some seafood such as Sashimi of Kohada, Saba, and Aji that have lustrous blue skin. In addition, they prepare some selected Sake that go well with dishes. Let’s enjoy Saki and various kinds of good dishes.

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4.Asakusa Ginhsachi

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Asakusa Ginshachi serves a seafood dishes pickled in Sake lees with their original recipe. Especially, “Gindara in Sake lees” are very good specialty. We can enjoy light Gindara and somewhat sweet taste of Sake. It is soft texture and goes very well with rice and Sake. In addition to Sake lees, they have seasonal vegetables, seafood, and grilled dry fishes. We can feel Edo atmosphere in the Izakaya. There are counter seat and Horigotatsu seat where we can enjoy Robata right in front of us. Let’s enjoy good dishes with Japanese atmosphere.

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5.Izakaya Azumaya

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Azumaya is located in Tokyo Metro Ginza line Tawaramachi station. They serve various kinds of good dishes such like Sashimi, Asakusa Korokke, Oden, Asazuke of Kabu, and Arani. We can enjoy Sashimi of fresh seafood stoked directory from Sado or Kagawa. They also have many kinds of Japanese Sake such as Kazenomori, Dassai, Mutsuhassen, and Hiroki for all 600 yen. Actually, these kinds of high quality Sake is could not be drunk with such cheap price usually. Azumaya opens from 15:00 pm. Let’s try these local Sake.

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What is Asakusa like?

History of Asakusa.

Asakusa has a long history that has been continued since the capital of Japan was located in Kyoto. It has moved to Tokyo city after words and, Asakusa has become busy city for business, culture, and entertainment. It is said that Sumida River played the big role of its flourishment. Asakusa temple is said that it has an origin from the small Buddhist image in the Sumida River, it is indispensable for the history of Asakusa. Asakusa has been created by temples, shrines, and town, everything. You will see the attractive point of Asakusa when you go sightseeing with the knowledge of those hidden history. There are good spot for sightseeing such as Tokyo Sky Tree and Kotokyo Museum around.

Let’s enjoy Asakusa Gourmet!

When it comes to Asakusa gourmet, there are many good dishes such as Edomae Sushi and Soba. But the Edomae Tendon is also one of the must-eat-dish.「Masaru」, founded in 1947, is popular Tendon restaurant that has long line every day. Edomae Tendon is the good old Tendon. Let’s try Tendon that can be have only here.

Recommended Guide Tour in Asakusa.

Magical Asakusa Tokyo Pub Crawl Tour - Night Crawl through Tokyo’s Historical Town

If you want to enjoy night life in Asakusa, You join Izakaya-hopping tour in Asakusa. In the tour, Japanese guide will guide you to popular photogenic spot and their recommended Izakaya. You can easily try good Izakaya spot. Let’s enjoy night life with other members.