One of the biggest cities in the world is Tokyo. Travelers from all around the world with various nationalities visit every day and enjoy this buzzling city. There are many unique & entertaining bars which offer extraordinary experiences. One of them is a “Shooting Bar”. It’s a nice place for fun night.

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About Shooting Bar EA(Kichijōji)


“Shooting Bar EA” is located in Kichijōji area which is known for its fashionable styles and is popular among youth. You can enjoy alcoholic drinks, meals and shooting airsoft guns.

GAINAX, a Japanese anime studio famous for productions such as EVANGELION is the owner of this bar. Many of the workers at Gainax love airsoft guns. That was the reason they started this bar. In the bar, there are many airsoft guns. There are 3 shooting ranges with actual range up to 10 m. The staff at this bar welcome the beginners and teach how to shoot with the airsoft guns.

Experience at” Shooting Bar EA”


There are many kinds of drinks at Shooting Bar EA. Original cocktails are related
to famous guns like: “Beretta” and the” Colt Python” for gun lover’s. Of course, gun novices also enjoy these kind of cocktails. By the time you leave this bar, you might get familiar with the name of the guns. There are also cocktails named after characters of animated films. On the shooting game, you can choose your favorite airsoft pistols or rifles. The staff at the bar will give a guide for beginners. Shooting the targets is an exciting enjoyment, especially at a bar! Good for
‘shooting away’ the stress. Women can also visit alone. Wonderful and special remembrance to tell about back home

About “Shooting Bar EA”

Address: Sawada Bldg 2F 1-5-5 Gotenyama, Musashino-shi, Tokyo
Business Hours: 5:00P.M. – 1:00 A.M. (Sunday – Wednesday)
5:00P.M. – 4:00 A.M. (Friday & Saturday)
Closed on: Tuesday

Access: JR Chūō Line Kichijōji Station 8 – minute walk

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