One of the biggest cities in the world Tokyo, you can experience many different things 24 hours. There are not only historical and cultural places but also very new and unique ones as well. This Bozu bar is one of them. Bozu means Buddhist monks. You do not have to be Buddhist yourself to visit this place. They guaranty that you would spend a quality night.

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About Bozu Bar


In one of the busiest nightlife areas Shinjuku, Yotsuya is the neighbor of Shinjuku. You can find one of Bozu bars there. Due to their uniqueness and low-key hospitality, costumers are younger here. Since their TV appearance, they became quite popular thus someday you may not be able to enter the bar without reservation. The idea of Bozu bar was born in Osaka, where the owner of the bar was an actual Buddhist monk. He opened this branch in 2000 hoping that people would get more interested in Buddhism. This small low-key bar would have 5 counter seats and one small Japanese style room. The first impression would be as a normal bar, but you would miss monks serving drinks and Buddhist altar.

Things you can do at Bozu bar


You would see tourists from aboard in this bar, since the bar was mentioned in lots of international media. They have 10 monks on rotation; they are all from different sect. Customers would enjoy drinking alcohol, listening monks’ talk and reading Buddhist sutra. You can ask monks personal questions and they would offer Buddhist counseling, young female costumers would enjoy this. Buddhist themed colourful cocktails come with stories to hear. In Buddhist history, there were some monks who offered alcohols and offered counseling. Even if you are not Buddhist, you shall come and try to get to know them.

About Bozu bar

address: Tokyoto, Shinjuku, kuarakicho 6 AG building 2 floor
opening: PM7:00~AM1:00
closed:Monday, Sunday and Holidays
Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line Yotsuya Sanchome station about 3 min walk

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