Asakusa is the popular downtown that has not only many historical sightseeing spots such as Senso temple, Nakamise Street, Kaminarimon, Retro Hanayashiki Theme Park, but also new spots such like commercial facility named 「Marugoto Nippon」. So crowded with many tourists on daytime, but on nighttime, Senso Temple will be illuminated by many lights, there would be calm, deep and different atmosphere from daytime. Today, we introduce 5 recommended Karaoke shops where we can enjoy singing on nighttime in Asakusa.

Top 5 recommended Karaoke shops in Asakusa

1.BIG ECHO Asakusa


BIG ECHO Asakusa allows us to enjoy singing while having good dishes cooked in creative cuisine restaurant 「Bistro-Ya」located in same building. They have not only A la carte but also course dishes. This Karaoke shop has various types of rooms that each has different concept. There are even party room and recording room. Of course, we can enjoy Karaoke alone. We can drink non-alcohol drink, wine, Shochu, and cocktail. It is located nearby Asakusa station, and open from 13:00 pm to 5:00 am. There are all-you-can-sing course or pay per 30 min course.
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2.Karaoke SHIDAX Asakusa Kaminarimon Club

This Karaoke shop has very classy and stylish atmosphere, and has even Japanese room. We can also have various kinds of dishes. Each dish are not cheap, but we can enjoy this classy amusement place. On lunch time, we can enjoy Karaoke for 1 hour 580 yen with 1 kinds of dishes and 1 drink. The recommended course is all-you-drink and sign course named 「Golden Time Special Pack」. It is 2 hours course for 2500 yen with 5 dishes. We can also enjoy Karaoke alone. A Touch panel remote controller is installed in each room. It’s very useful find the song that you want sing. DAM (recording system) is also available.

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3.Karaokekan Asakusa Kokusai Street

This Karaoke shop has very classy atmosphere. The pricing is little higher than usual Karaoke shop, but we can get very kind service and hospitality by staffs. There are even some rooms that have stage and microphone in the shape of skull. They also suggest us the best price, time, and dishes plan for our request. They serve as many as 105 kinds of drink such as beer, Japanese Sake, wine, whisky, and cocktail. They open until 6 am. The average budget is about 1000~2000 yen for dinner.

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4.Rainbow Asakusa


This Karaoke shop has spacious room and clean, and has little cheaper pricing than other shops. There are all-you-can-sing course on both daytime and nighttime, and we can also add all-you-can-drink set. We can also enjoy cos-play. They have installed high-quality sound system such as DAM and JOYSOUND. We can order some dishes like pizza, pasta, and sweets. The average budget is around 2000~3000 yen. They open from 11:00 am to 5:00 am. It is located accessible place from the city, so it’s good to enjoy after shopping.
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5.Anime Cosplay & karaoke bar - CAT EAR


This is maniac bar managed by 「Underground Idol」(this means the Idol group that perform shows in relatively small concert hall. Also called Live Idol). We can enjoy Anime song, trick movie, Idol, game, cosplay, railway, airplane, all most all genre of maniac amusement. We can enjoy talking with staffs and other customers who has same preference, and singing anime songs. There is all-you-can-drink course for 2000 yen. Karaoke is available with ticket system that each ticket is 200 yen. They open from 18:30 pm to 00:00 am. They set regular holiday on Tuesday.

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What is Asakusa like?

The history of Asakusa has begun since 7 century. When the 2 brothers were fishing in Sumida River, they found the statue of Goddess of Mercy, and it is said to be the origin of Senso temple. Since the salary of Samurai used to be paid as rice in Edo era, the rice storage was installed in Asakusa. A lot of merchant people and Samurai gradually were getting gather in Asakusa, and Asakusa flourished as the place where rich merchants enjoy life. Even nowadays, Asakusa is popular sightseeing spot that has new spot of Tokyo Sky Tree, and good old Japanese downtown atmosphere.

Experience of Japanese culture in Asakusa

In Asakusa where good old Japanese downtown culture still remains, we can experience Japanese traditional culture such as Ninja and sculptured candy. Let’s enjoy watching the amazing sculptured candy works that is so real that could not be thought as candy in the No.1 Japanese candy specialty shop 「Amezaiku Ameshin」

Recommended guide tour in Asakusa

Magical Asakusa Tokyo Pub Crawl Tour - Night Crawl through Tokyo’s Historical Town

This is the tour that help you enjoy very the Asakusa food and drink while bar-hopping. You can take good photos in Asakusa illuminated by the beautiful light, and enjoy drinking 2 Izakaya and 1 standing bar that has very the Japanese downtown atmosphere.