Asakusa is a renowned sightseeing destination in Tokyo. Kaminarimon is the most famous landmark in Asakusa. Did you know that Asakusa is also home to numerous karaoke stores? In this article, we’re featuring one such place – “Karaoke Shidax Asakusa Kaminarimon Club”.

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Recommended Karaoke Stores in Asakusa②

Karaoke Shidax Asakusa Kaminarimon Club


Karaoke Shidax Asakusa Kaminarimon Club is a popular karaoke box located near Kaminarimon. People praise the food at the karaoke box and, in particular, the roast which uses domestic beef. The dish can only be ordered by parties of 8 or more, so savor the flavors if you’re lucky enough to order it. Alternatively, customers can order foods like omurice and hamburg. The karaoke box also offers all-you-can-eat ice café and tapioca. The amenities are almost too luxurious for a karaoke box. The karaoke rooms are just as appealing. If you’re seeking the best of the best, consider choosing the special room, which has an extra-large sofa, making for a luxurious experience. There is also a kid’s room for families with small kids. The room has various toys, including stuffed animals, for kids to play with. The kid’s room is perfect for overseas visitors with children. You can also choose a large kid’s room. If you’re seeking a karaoke box where you can eat gourmet foods, while singing your heart out, Karaoke Shidax Asakusa Kaminarimon Club is the place.

Head to a Karaoke Box!

Karaoke boxes are rooms specifically designed for karaoke. There is a karaoke machine for each room and the machine contains countless songs, which you can search and reserve for singing. If you’re going with a group, songs will be played in order of reservations. According to lore, karaoke boxes originated from private spaces at izakayas and snack bars. As time passed, it evolved into the modern-day karaoke box. It’s a uniquely Japanese form of entertainment that we recommend for overseas visitors.

Website of Karaoke Box


Address: 1-1-2 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo-to
Hours: 11:00〜5:00
Googlemaps URL:

What is Asakusa Like?

History of Asakusa


Asakusa is a famous sightseeing destination in Tokyo that originally prospered thanks to the efforts of townspeople, called cho-nin. Asakusa was originally a port and supported the Tokyo area by serving as a logistics hub. Sensoji in Asakusa is a temple that was established by fishermen over 1400 years ago. Various buildings, including theaters and a 52m high observation tower called Ryounkaku, were built in Asakusa 100 years ago. The Asakusa of today carries on the long history of the area.

Savor Delicacies of Asakusa!


Monja is a food that mixes flour with water, which originated from Asakusa. “Asakusa Monja Croquet” is a shop that serves a unique dish that combines monja with croquet. Try the Monja Croquet for a slightly different, yet delicious take on the original monja.

Recommended Guided Tours in Asakusa

Magical Asakusa Tokyo Pub Crawl Tour - Night Crawl through Tokyo’s Historical Town

The bar hopping tour is a uniquely Japanese tour that takes participants around 3 izakayas in nighttime Asakusa. At the first izakaya, you’ll eat monja. The guide will teach you how to cook the monja, so first-timers need not worry. Dine on authentic Japanese food and make a memorable night.