Sushi-dokoro Yamazaki, a Sushi Shop You Should Go in Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji is the worlds largest fish market for its transaction amount. Lots of tourists visit this place to see the active market and have delicious seafood. Although this market is separated into 2 sections: inner market for dealers and outer market for the public, we can go into the inner market on condition that we don’t disturb transactions. This article will introduce you to Sushi-dokoro Yamazaki, one of the most famous Sushi shops of the inner market.

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Sushi-dokoro Yamazaki

Sushi-dokoro Yamazaki

source:  寿司処やまざき

Tsukiji inner market is basically for dealers, but at a street called “Uogashi Yokocho”, you can try out seafood at various shops. Sushi-dokoro Yamazaki, a sushi shop we are going to introduce in this article, is also located in this street. There are many famous shops in the street, but Sushi-dokoro Yamazaki is an obscure but good restaurant that is worth visiting. If you don’t want to bother to wait for a long time in front of a famous shop, this sushi shop would be a good choice. Because the quality is good for sure, people sometimes line up on Saturdays and Sunday. So please check it out the date beforehand.

Sushi-dokoro Yamazaki 2

source:  寿司処やまざき

As other shops in the street, Sushi-dokoro Yamazaki‘s appearance is just with a sign and shop curtain. Inside the small and homey shop, you can have a wonderful experience of watching the chef making sushi just in front of you. It is a clean and confortable place with polite staff. Because of the good taste, not only they have got favorable reviews on the Internet, but also even Japanese TV has introduced this sushi shop. For those who want to have good sushi quickly at Tsukiji, this shop would be a nice choice.

Order “Kiku course” at “Sushi-dokoro Yamazaki”, You Won’t Get a Better Deal Anywhere Else!

Order “Kiku course” at “Sushi-dokoro Yamazaki”, You Won't Get a Better Deal Anywhere Else!

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At Sushi-dokoro Yamazaki, many customers order “Kiku course”, which leaves choice to the chef. “Kiku course” comes with 11 fresh and high-quality sushi of the seasons, but for the quality, the price is so reasonable.

Their Specialty “Chirashi-zushi” Is Rare for Tsukiji

Their Specialty “Chirashi-zushi” Is Rare for Tsukiji

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Their specialty “Chirashi-zushi” is rare for a sushi shop in Tsukiji. Chirashi-zushi is a kind of sushi that is with the ingredients scattered or topped on sushi rice with no rolling or shaping involved. Their Chirashi-zushi is with ample sashimi and salmon roe. And also it tastes so good!

About “Sushi-dokoro Yamazaki”

  • Specialty: Chirashi-zushi
  • Average Cost: 3,000〜5,000
  • Open: 5:30 am – 14:00 pm
  • Close: Sun. and national holidays *sometimes irregularly close


  • Address: 6th building, Tukiji Ichiba, 5-2-1, Tsukiji, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo-To
  • Phone Number: 03-3541-1105

Official Web Site: