There remains a good old atmosphere that Tokyo old town use to have in Asakusa Hoppy-dori Street. This street has many local izakaya, Japanese style bar, stood in a row. You can enjoy drinking even in the daytime. Because the price is reasonable, people go bar-hopping here. This article is about an izakaya “Asakusa-sakaba Okamoto” that is located in this Asakusa Hoppy Street.

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About “Asakusa-sakaba Okamoto”

Source: 浅草酒場岡本ホッピー通り店

“Asakusa-sakaba Okamoto” has a long history for 58 years, that is the longest in the street. There remains nostalgic atmosphere inside the izakaya. There are many types of seats such as counter, table and tatami one. You can choose as you like. You may stay long for the comfortable atmosphere. Because they have many seats inside, you do not have to wait for a long time expect for busy time. Although Asakusa has become one of the most famous touristic towns in Japan, they want maintain cheap and casual drinking spot and so they still serve their dishes in low price that contributes to make the atmosphere that old Japan used to have. Inside the bustling izakaya, you would drink more than you think. How about experience the atmosphere of Japanese old town deeply at this izakaya with history?

Specialties of “Asakusa-sakaba Okamoto”

Source: 浅草酒場岡本ホッピー通り店

Asakusa Hoppy-dori Street is famous for “Nikomi”, a stewed dish. You can of course eat the nikomi at “Asakusa-sakaba Okamoto”. Their nikomi is with beef sinew, beef giblets, long green onion and tofu that have flavor of salty and sweet of soup stock. If you love drinking, this will go well with alcohol. Also you may feel like trying their original dish “Uzunin”, that is a dish of quails egg marinated in garlic soy sauce. If you want to try a rare ingredient, order fresh slices of whale that is even Japanese people do not have many opportunities of eating. It would be a great memory in Tokyo.

About Asakusa-sakaba Okamoto

Address: 1F, Citrus-building, 1-40-7, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo-to
Open: Fri.-Wed. 11:00〜23:00, Thurs. 17:00〜23:00
Close: They open 365 days
Access: 3-minutes walk from A1 exit of Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station

What Is Asakusa Hoppy-dori Street?


Asakusa Hoppy-dori Street is literally famous for the alcohol “Hoppy”. Hoppy is a beer-like alcohol drink that people in old town used to prefer to drink for it’s reasonable price much cheaper than beer. In Asakusa, people also loved drinking hoppy so much that they made a street called Hoppy-dori Street. The stewed dish there is also famous and now many tourists come all the way to eat the dish. The another reason to visit Asakusa Hoppy-dori Street is that you can easily get friend just by going to some izakaya and people sitting next to you will start talking to you!

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