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The Must-Try Fresh Seafood Rice Bowl in Tsukiji’s Outside Market - Sushikuni (w/Photos)

At Tsukiji Market fresh seafood is auctioned off every single day.  The market is divided into separate areas for jounai (inside of the market) where auctions take place, whereas jougai (outside of the market) is where you can find various restaurants.  Outside of the market there are many restaurants which serve amazing kaisendon.

This time we’re introducing Sushikuni, which is a restaurant famous for its uni-don (sea urchin rice bowl).  Even though you haven’t really eaten uni before, we guarantee that you will be amazed by its fresh and delicious taste.

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source: フォーリンデブはっしー オフィシャルブログ

Sushikuni is only about 4 minutes walk from the Tokyo Subway Toei Oedo Line, Tsukijishijo Station.  Their large sign and tiled roof are an easily recognizable landmark.

There, you can eat not only kaisendon (fresh seafood rice bowl) but also sushi and other kinds of seafood.  Since they use fresh seafood right from the market, all their delicious menu items have been highly rated.


source: d menu ニュース

Among the numerous restaurants operating in the outside of the market area, Sushikuni is so popular that people are always lining up to get their food.  Sushikuni is not a big box but has enough seats for 25 people, including a bar counter.

Customers love this cozy atmosphere because they can relax while enjoying their meal.

The hospitality of the restaurant owner is also well known.  You will be served an excellent kaisendon by a really nice restaurant owner.  Literally, this is the best place to eat donburi (rice bowl dish).

Look at this impressive original Ganso Kobore-uni-don (Overflowing Sea Urchin-don)!

Look at this impressive original Ganso Kobore-uni-don (Overflowing Sea Urchin-don)!

source: グルめぐろの食べ歩き

Sushikuni is the originator of the Ganso Kobore-uni-don (Overflowing sea urchin-don) and that’s the restaurant’s special menu item.

You will be served about 150g of sea urchin.  As the name suggests, sea urchin is literally overflowing from the bowl.  Besides the main dish, it comes with a small bowl of sea urchin.  This is the meal that is all about sea urchin.

Don’t miss other special menu items like Uni-ikura-don (Sea Urchin and Roe rice bowl) as well!

Don’t miss other special menu items like Uni-ikura-don (Sea Urchin and Roe rice bowl) as well!

source: 高村斉のちょっと為になる雑学

Uni-ikura-don (Sea urchin and roe rice bowl) is as popular as the Ganso Kobore-uni-don.  It’s 3,400 yen.

Roe has been soaked in soy sauce and it’s one of the best food combinations that goes with sea urchin.  People love this menu for the combination of the fresh sea urchin and the roe that holds its full flavor.

Sushikuni Information

Popular kaisendon

Ganso Kobore-uni-don


Average Budget

Lunch: 3,000-4,000 yen

Dinner: 3,000-5,000 yen

Business Hours

Lunch: 10:00 – 15:00

Dinner: 17:00 – 21:00

Closed on Wednesday, the year end and New Year holidays



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