Manekiya is a famous shop where you can eat Taiyaki.

Taiyaki is a Japanese snack with sweetened azuki beans.

In this shop, ingredients are carefully selected. So that you can taste good and delicious red bean paste filling which are made of azuki beans from Hokkaido Tokachi.

The fluffy rich bite makes your heart happy. We will introduce you to the shop and it’s highlights.

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What is「招き屋(Manekiya)」?

Source:「谷中銀座 招き屋 |谷中銀座商店街振興組合」

「Manekiya」is a special shop for Taiyaki in Yanakaginza.

The shop opened in 2012 but already it became famous in Yanakaginza.

At the shop , there is a character named 「Fukunyan」.

Fukunyan is created by famous animation illustrator known as「Tsuribaka Nisshi (Fishing Fool’s Diary)」Everyone loves such character drawn by famous comic artist.

Special made manekineko shaped Taiyaki, recommend for cat lovers


You can eat many kinds of Taiyaki, such as red bean paste from Tokachi / with Matcha etc. All ingredients are carefully selected, so that handmade Taiyaki has a very good taste. Besides you also can buy it as a souvenir because you can keep them longer time. They also have season limited versions. Season’s flavor is also one of the reason everyone loves 「招き屋(Manekiya)」.There are not so many shops which are related to cat where you can eat so good. This Taiyaki is exclusive.

「Tokachi an taiyaki (Taiyaki red bean paste from Tokachi)」made with the finest ingredients!**   **


In Manekiya「福にゃん焼き十勝あん(Fukunyanyaki Tokachi an – red bean paste)」is popular.

This red bean paste is made of azuki beans from Hokkaido Tokachi. It tastes not too sweet and it has a soft structure .If you want to eat first class red bean paste, you should eat「十勝あん(Tokachi an – red bean paste) 」.

Eat it just like a pizza・・? 「くりーむチーズピザ(Cream Cheese Pizza)」

Source:「招き屋/谷根千育ちのAGIOスタッフ街案内ブログ – FC2」

Common taste of Taiyaki is sweet. But you also can eat Taiyaki Pizza flavor.

「くりーむチーズピザ(Cream Cheese Pizza)」filed with cream cheese and Wiener sausageis popular. The taste of cheese, which almost drips out is as good as red bean paste.


** **

・Typical Products:

十勝あん(Tokachi an – red bean paste )

Wカスタード( W custard )

抹茶あん(Matcha an – red bean paste)

くりーむチーズピザ(Cream Cheese Pizza)

・opening hour :weekday 11:00~18:00  weekend& National Holiday 11:00~18:30

・Closed on: Wednesday


・address: 3-9-15 Yanaka Taito 110-0001 Tokyo


・How to go(JR )

JR   Yamanote Line Nippori Station 7minutes on foot

Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Sendagi Station 5minutes on foot

・Travel Time from Haneda / Narita Airport, Tokyo Station:

From Haneda Airport about 40 minutes

From Tokyo station about 11 minutes

・Official Site URL:


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