Asakusa is an area that retains the retro vibe of Tokyo. There are various attractions in Asakusa, including Sensoji, Nakamise, and Hanayashiki (a theme park), in addition to dozens of classic restaurants with an illustrious history, which is to say there is something for everyone in Asakusa. In this article, we’ll introduce Kamiya Bar, one of the famed bars in Asakusa. Indulge in the history and drinks of Asakusa.

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Recommended Sake Bars in Asakusa③

Kamiya Bar


Kamiya Bar is a classic bar that’s said to be the first bar in Japan. It was established in 1880 and is located 5-minutes on foot from Asakusa station. The classic décor is unified in a brown palette and customers can eat and drink, while enjoying the shitamachi or downtown Tokyo vibe. Kamiya Bar is so famous that when people refer to THE bar in Asakusa, they are talking about Kamiya Bar.

It’s a cash bar, so you order at the register and receive a ticket in return. Once seated, the staff will bring your food or drink to the table. The bar is crowded on most days, so you may have to share a seat or table, but this allows for a natural interaction with other customers and it’s one unique way to enjoy Kamiya Bar.

The drink menu includes beer, wine, cocktails, whisky, and soft drinks, in addition to sake. The food menu is also extensive and customers can order anything from small snacks to full meals. If you’re in Asakusa, why not take this opportunity to experience the good old days of Japan at Kamiya Bar.

Recommended Drinks① “Denki Bran”


The signature drink at Kamiya Bar is the famous Denki Bran, which was created by the original proprietor. It’s a slightly sweet drink, amber in color, and uses brandy as a base, mixed with gin, wine, curacao, and herbs. The ABV is 30 to 40 degrees, so it’s relatively potent but still has a rounded flavor that’s easy to drink. It’s a drink that’s proved popular throughout the ages.

Recommended Drink② “Seishu Fuki”


Seishu Fuki is a Japanese sake that uses Yamadanishiki-brand rice as an ingredient. The sake has been crafted using traditional techniques and is characterized by the clean umami flavor, which makes it easy to drink. For those that want to enjoy a plentiful serving of the sake, you can order a large decanter at Kamiya Bar.

The URL of the bar


Address: 〒111-0032 1-1-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo-to
Hours: 11:30am~10:00pm Closed Tuesdays
Googlemaps URL:

What is Asakusa Like?

History of Asakusa

Sensoji, one of the premier sightseeing spots in Asakusa, was established in 628 AD to worship the Buddhist god, Kannon. Over time, Sensoji has developed into a grand temple that attracts countless visitors; in turn, the Nakamise was created, which further vitalized the area.
During the age of samurais, Asakusa was used as a place to store rice, which was also a form of compensation for samurais. As a result, many people, including warriors, businessmen, and townspeople, gathered in Asakusa, leading to a thriving culture of commerce, the arts, and food. This is another reason why Asakusa has prospered.

Savor the Delicacies of Asakusa!

There are various specialties from classic establishments in Asakusa, such as tendon, unaju, and soba. The popular places have long lines even on weekdays, so plan in accordance. After a meal, we recommend some healthy and tasty Japanese sweets. On hot days, try eating the shaved ice, which uses Japanese ingredients, at the popular café Asakusa Naniwaya.

Recommended Guided Tour in Asakusa

Magical Asakusa Tokyo Pub Crawl Tour - Night Crawl through Tokyo’s Historical Town

At night, head to an izakaya in Asakusa to try local foods and drinks. If you’re interested in going, but don’t know exactly where to go, we recommend joining the izakaya hopping tour. A friendly guide will lead you to his or her personally selected izakayas!