Asakusa, which is popular with both domestic and international visitors, is one of the premier sightseeing destinations in Tokyo. Asakusa retains a classic townscape and has various attractions including Sensoji, Nakamise, and Hanayashiki. In this article, we’ll introduce Asakusa Ichimon Honten, a restaurant in Asakusa serving traditional Japanese cuisine, along with delicious sake.

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Recommended Sake Bars in Asakusa④

Asakusa Ichimon Honten


Asakusa Ichimon is a restaurant located inside of a 65-year old townhouse with a classical façade. The interior also retains facets of a traditional Japanese house; the restaurant offers various types of seating, including counter seats, table seats, private rooms, and floor seating with a dividing curtain.
The restaurant sources sake and shochu from across Japan, including rare bottles on occasion. Ichimon has an extensive bottle list and employs a sake taster, so you can find a sake of your liking.
The restaurant serves Japanese cuisine with a focus on seafood. It offers a la carte dishes and course plans. The negima nabe is a popular dish that was also eaten by common folk during the age of samurais. A fatty cut of tuna is used unsparingly and stewed with leek and other vegetables. Pair this dish with some sake.
Asakusa Ichimon Honten is a restaurant in Asakusa that is regularly featured by the media. It’s a highly-recommended Japanese restaurant that’s perfect for both solo visitors and large groups.

Recommended Sake① “Takesake”

Takesake is a popular drink that’s served in a tall cup made of bamboo. It costs 1,000 yen each. The presentation is eye-catching, so snap a picture first. The chilled sake is perfect as an aperitif. Raise a toast with takesake, instead of the usual beer.

Recommended Sake② “Asakusa”

The Asakusa Sake Organization recommends a dry-tasting sake called “Asakusa”. The sake is characterized by a crisp and clean flavor. It’s best served luke warm, but it’s also good served cold or room temperature. If you’re drinking in Asakusa, why not order “Asakusa” for memories’ sake.

The URL of the bar


Address: 〒111-0032 3-12-6 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo-to
Hours: Weekdays 6:00pm~11:00pm Weekends and Holidays 5:00pm~10:00pm
Googlemaps URL:

What is Asakusa Like?

History of Asakusa

Asakusa was previously used as a place to store rice, which was also a form of compensation during the age of samurais. Accordingly, Asakusa attracted warriors, businessmen, and townspeople, leading to a thriving culture. Sensoji, which has a long history and was established in 628 AD, was nurtured by the government into the great temple it is today. Many people visit Sensoji and Asakusa has evolved into a bustling town.
The nakamise is a shopping street that was originally built to cater to temple visitors. It’s a popular spot among domestic and international visitors alike.

Savor the Delicacies of Asakusa

If you’re visiting Tokyo, make sure to sample the specialty foods of Asakusa. Asakusa has numerous famed establishments serving tendon, unaju, soba, and ramen, which attract long lines at lunchtime. Tendon is filling and is perfect for lunch. If you don’t know where to go, consider heading to “Masaru”, which is known to serve the ultimate tendon.

Recommended Guided Tour in Asakusa

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The izakayas in Asakusa serve local specialties that are not offered at the classic establishments. If you’re interested, we suggest joining the izakaya hopping tour. A friendly guide will take you to 3 izakayas that have been selected from the countless options. It’s the hottest tour at the moment.