Asakusa is one of the most popular sightseeing spot for tourists because you can find the true history of Japan. You can enjoy visit Sensō-ji temple, Nakamise Street, amusement park “Hanayashiki” and enjoy traditional cuisine. This time we’ll show you a shop “Yomosaketen” where you can enjoy Nihonshu (Sake / Japanese rice wine) in Asakusa. The exterior of the shop that you feel unique retro of Asakusa it is absolutely worth to visit

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Recommended nihonshu bar in Asakusa②


Source:Non-stop Love of Miyazawa

“Yomosaketen” with traditional atmosphere is a “Kakuuchi “where you can buy and taste sake. It’s not a bar for tourists, so that you can enjoy drink alcohol with true local atmosphere. It located 1-minute walk from Asakusa Station. A small shop. Let's be careful not to miss it.

The charm of the Yomosaketen is sake and snacks are cheap. You choose sake, snacks such as inblikken yakitori, crisps, Japanese snacks which costs from a few ten yen. Then bring them at the register, there you’ll get cups and chopsticks. This shop open at nine o’clock in the morning so that you can enjoy sake an early time.

This shop is not suitable to drink sake for relaxing. We recommend you to visit here
just have a drink before or during sightseeing.

Recommende sake① Karakuchi (dry) gold Masumi


The owner of this shop recommends “ Karakuchi (dry) gold Masumi” from lots of choice of nihonshu. It tastes less sweet and smooth when it slides down your throat. This sake suits for any dishes so nice to drink during your meal. You can enjoy this sake both cold and hot. It also nice as a gift.

Recommended sake② karakuchi (dry) ginjō Tosazuru


karakuchi (dry) ginjō Tosazuru is also recommended by the owner of Yomosaketen. Characteristic points of this sake are dry, great aroma and refreshed taste. It tastes good with
sea food or Japanese cuisine as a sake during meal. It also delicious as an evening drink with

The URL of the bar

No official website


Address: 2-1-14 kaminarimon, taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0034
Open hours:9:00am - 7:30pm 
Closed on :Sunday
Map URL:

What is Asakusa?

History of Asakusa

Origin of typical sightseeing spot Sensō-ji temple in Asakusa began year of 628. Senso-ji temple which began by worshiping kannon became the great temple during the samurai period.
Asakusa also became a bustling town by those visitors of the temple. Besides Asakusa was a town that served a storage place for the rice that was a samurai's salary. So that many samurai, businessmen and farmers came here and the town itself also grew bigger and became more prosperous for culture, entertainment and business. Asakusa attracts nowadays many tourists from Japan and abroad.

Enjoy eating at Asakusa!

You can eat traditional rich taste cuisine of unajyu , tendon (tempura over a bowl of rice ), soba noodle in Asakusa. There are many restaurants with history. So that you might have to be in line during lunch time. “Unajyu “means glaze-grilled unagi(eel) on top of a box with rice. We recommend you to eat “ unajyu” at specialty eel restaurant“ Asakusa Unatestu”.

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