Asakusa should be the first spot that comes to foreign tourist’s mind for sightseeing spot in Tokyo. There are not only historical architecture, Japanese history, and culture, but also many Izakaya and Yokocho where we can enjoy Bar Hopping. Izakayas that you do not have to miss are basically located in Hoppy Street. Today, we will introduce one of the good old Izakaya located in Hoppy Street.

≫Let’s check 「Where do you want to enjoy eating and drinking in Asakusa? 5 recommended Izakayas at Hoppy Street」to find the Izakaya locatd at Hoppy Street.

Recommended Izakaya located at Asakusa Hoppy Street②




TANUKI is a good old Izakaya that has a TANUKI ornament as a sign. It has a history for 50 years. The old TANUKI ornament, retro and relaxing atmosphere make us feel comfortable. In the Izakaya, there are Japanese taste interior mainly with counter seats. Izakaya has many visitors and lively atmosphere every day. They serve their specialty – beef stew, grilled skewer, and seafood appetizer. They stock fresh ingredient from Tsukiji Market and cook them as Robatayaki. We can also enjoy watching the way of cooking. Robatayaki traditionally use big Shamoji when it’s served, so they do in a traditional way. This Japanese tradition is also fun and interesting for tourist. They also serve beer, Remon Chuhai, and Japanese Sake. All dishes go well with Sake and enjoyable.

Recommended Menu①「ROBAYAYAKI」


Izakaya TANUKI stock fresh ingredient from Tsukiji Market every day. We can see a lot of fresh ingredients on the counter. It is said to be their confidence of ingredient’s quality and freshness. Though the ingredients vary depending on the day, fishes and shells will grilled in front of us with good flavor. These go really good with Sake.

Recommended Menu②「Beef Stew」

source:Hoppy Hoppy

A Hoppy Street has another name like「Nikomi Street」. There many Izakayas that serve good beef stew. And TANUKI also the one of those. The beef stew that TANUKI serve is light soy sauce base that has not been changed since the TANUKI was founded. The stew contains a full of ingredients, beef and Konnyaku are so soft texture. The volume must make you satisfied.

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Address:2-5-12, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Business Hour:[Monday ~ Friday] 16:00pm ~ 23:00pm(LO.22:30)
[Saturday・Sunday・National Holiday] 13:00pm ~ 23:00pm(LO.22:30)
Google map URL:

What is Asakusa like?

The history of Asakusa

Asakusa has a long history. It’s has been continued since the time before the capital of Japan moved to Tokyo. Nowadays, Asakusa is one of the most popular sightseeing spot in Japan. Actually, Asakusa has been popular area for business, culture, and art. Sumida River played the big role of its flourishment. Asakusa temple is said that it has an origin from the small Buddhist image in the Sumida River, it is indispensable for the history of Asakusa. Asakusa has been created by temples, shrines, and town, everything. You will see the attractive point of Asakusa when you go sightseeing with the knowledge of those hidden history.

Let’s enjoy Asakusa Gourmet!

There are some representative Asakusa Gourmet such as beef stew and Edo Sushi, but you must check Tokyo’s soul food - Soba as well. There is good Soba restaurant named 「Namikiyabu」that is said to have No.1 Dashi in Japan. Let’s slurp Soba fast in one gulp with thick soup. Soba is very healthy so it’s also good for light meal.

Recommended Guide Tour in Asakusa.

Magical Asakusa Tokyo Pub Crawl Tour - Night Crawl through Tokyo’s Historical Town

Asakusa has various kinds of Izakaya, from local one with cheap price to good old famous one, that serve good dishes. If you want to enjoy Izakaya hopping, let’s join the tour. Japanese guide will take you to good local Izakaya, and you can enjoy communicating with local people as well.