Asakusa is representative sightseeing spot of Japan. It also very popular among foreign tourist because we can feel good old Japanese tradition and history there. There are not only shrine and temple, but also Izakayas and bars where we can enjoy night life. Today, we will introduce recommended Izakaya -「Izakaya Koji」located in Hoppy Street.

≫Let’s check 「Where do you want to enjoy eating and drinking in Asakusa? 5 recommended Izakayas at Hoppy Street」to find the Izakaya locatd at Hoppy Street.

Recommended Izakaya located at Asakusa Hoppy Street①

Izakaya Koji Asakusa

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Izakaya Koji Asakusa is one of the “must to visit” Izakaya when you are in Asakusa Hoppy Street. There are always crowded with many people, and you should feel easy to join in. Easy going staffs and owner will welcome you. All staffs are young and they say they are like learning “the life experience” while working here. They are trained well, so you should get very good Omotenashi service. The stew dishes is very popular for the good taste among the Izakaya in Hoppy Street. They serve not only meat dishes, stew of Gindara, Ham Katsu, and Fried Natto. Of course, these are go very well with Hoppy. Hoppy is Beer-like soft drink with Shochu. There are another alcohol menu, but let’s try Hoppy since it’s in Hoppy Street. Every dishes are taste good with Sake. The red lantern in front of the entrance makes us feel very the Japanese downtown atmosphere. Let’s enjoy night life in Asakusa.

Recommended menu①「Beef Stew」


The Beef Stew is made with the cooking method that they stew beef using pressure cooker, and boil it 5 times to remove the bad smell and the fat. The taste has not been changed since early period of Izakaya. It is said that almost all customers order this beef stew. They always particular about high quality beef.

The recommended menu②「Natto Aburaage」

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Stew and Motsuyaki is also good dishes of Izakaya Koji, but what we want to recommend you to try is「Natto Aburaage」. It has very cute looking. You should have it with just one bite since the Natto inside will spill over. These affordable and home-made-like dishes are attractive point in Izakaya. Let’s enjoy with Sake as well.

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Address:2-3-19, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Business Hour:Weekday 15:00 pm ~ 23:00pm / Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am~ 23:00 pm
Google map URL:

How is the Asakusa like?

The history of Asakusa

Asakusa has a long history. It’s has been continued since the time before the capital of Japan moved to Tokyo. Nowadays, Asakusa is one of the most popular sightseeing spot in Japan. Actually, Asakusa has been popular area for business, culture, and art.
Sumida River played the big role of its flourishment. Asakusa temple is said that it has an origin from the small Buddhist image in the Sumida River, it is indispensable for the history of Asakusa. Asakusa has been created by temples, shrines, and town, everything. You should go sightseeing to Asakusa thinking of those hidden history.

Let’s enjoy Asakusa gourmet !

When it comes to Asakusa gourmet, beef stew comes to our mind but Tendon is also good. The recommended Tendon restaurant is「Edomae Tendon Masaru」. Founded in 1947, they serve only 3 kinds of Tendon such as Oiri Edomae Tendon, Edomae Tendon, Kuruma Ebi Tendon. They are confident of the taste.

Recommended Guide Tour in Asakusa.

Magical Asakusa Tokyo Pub Crawl Tour - Night Crawl through Tokyo’s Historical Town

Asakusa is popular for sightseeing, but also good for bar-hopping. There are a number of Izakayas on the Hoppy Street. If you want to enjoy Izakaya hopping, let’s join the tour. Japanese guide will take you to good local Izakaya, and you can enjoy communicating with local people as well.