Asakusa is a popular sightseeing spot in Tokyo. There are historical temples and shrines,
Sumida River, Tokyo Skytree, Nakamise shopping street, a lot of famous places to visit. There are also many places to eat and drink. It’s a fun town to walk along. This time we’ll show you Hoppy Street where you’ll feel local atmosphere of Tokyo in Asakusa.

Selected five Izakaya(Japanese gastropub) at Hoppy Street

1 Izakaya Koji Asakusa

source: Izakaya koji

Izakaya Koji Asakusa is one of the stores you should visit at Hoppy Street in Asakusa.
Friendly staff and the owner welcomes you at this vibrant izakaya with an open and welcoming attitude. All of the staff are young and easy going. You can enjoy meat dishes of “gyusuji nikomi” (Japanese styled stewed beef tendon) or fish dishes of “satsuma age” (Fish cake) “Gindara Nitsuke” (cooked black cod) and more others. You can feel traditional local izakaya atmosphere of Japan from the well-known unforgettable red paper lantern.

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Tanuki is a traditional Izakaya and ornament of “Tanuki” (raccoon dog) is a landmark.
This izakaya has opened about 50 years ago. From the ornaments of Tanuki to the relaxed atmosphere in retro reminiscent of its hometown. It makes you feel comfortable and friendly. Robatayaki (similar to barbecue) used fresh ingredients from the famous Tsukiji market is a popular menu. It’s nice to see the process of cooking. They serve dishes traditional way of Robatayaki for using big shamoji (wooden rice spatula). It’s funny to see!

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3. Okamoto

Source: 浅草酒場岡本ホッピー通り店

Okamoto is a typical izakaya of local area in Hoppy Street. This izakaya is located at “Nikomi-dori” (Stew Street / old name of Hoppy Street) and also the oldest 52 years of traditional izakaya famous for “Nikomi” (Japanese styled stew). There are not so many places to sit at the main store, so that you can sit at annex if you order a course or all you can drink menu. We recommend you to try “Gyusuji Nikomi”(Japanese style stewed beef tendon) that is cooked more than 6 hours. You also can eat Yakitori (Japanese style skewered chicken), fried chicken, Chijimi (Korean pancake) and other dishes. For drinks,
You can enjoy beer, sake, Shōchū (Japanese distilled beverage), makkoli (Korean alcoholic beverage) or original Umeshu (plum wine).

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4. Yoshikami

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Yoshikami is the famous popular restaurant in Asakusa. This restaurant is one of the traditional restaurants in Asakusa. You see advertising slogan “I'm sorry if it’s too delicious” on their signboard. This restaurant opened 64 years ago and have many fans. Menu consists out of steak, stew, hamburger steak, spaghetti and lots more. Western food in Japanese style. The interior of this restaurant is retro and cute. You can eat relaxed in a nice and quiet atmosphere. Try their delicious dishes!

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5. Shochan


The oldest and the most delicious Nikomi (Japanese style stew) of Hoppy Street you can eat at Shochan. There are table seats on the street. In winter you still can eat in the vinyl tent. The popular menu of Shochan is “Gyunikomi.” (Japanese style beef stew) This izakaya opened in 1951. Many celebrities also visit this izakaya. Like David Bowie! There are 10 counter seats and about six table seats in front at the street. They also open during day time.

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Access to Hoppy Street

Address: 2-3-19 Asakusa, Taitō-ku, Tokyo

What is Asakusa?

History of Asakusa

Around the area of Sensō-ji temple are the high grounds of the Asakusa plateau from the ancient period. Around the area of Matsuchi-yama, Benten-yama, Kuramae, Torigoe-jinjya shrine has been landfilled. Asakusa is located near estuary of Sumida River. So that you could easy to get sea food. There was also a road to the shrine for easy to evacuations after disasters due to the location of the high grounds. These were the reason Asakusa was developed as a city from early days. The name of Asakusa is already written in Azumakagami (Japanese historical chronicle) article of the year 1181. Since the old days, Asakusa is famous as the city around the Sensō-ji temple.

Enjoy eating at Asakusa!

You can eat sushi, Unagi (eel) Tendon(rice bowl dish with tempura) in Asakusa. Ramen noodle is also popular. We recommend you to visit Naritaya Asakusa. This restaurant is located near Hanayashiki amusement park. This restaurant has received Halal certification so it’s good place to eat for Muslim. Open at 8:00A.M.on Saturday and Sunday.
The taste of noodle is not strong. So it must be also nice to eat before take a walk in Asakusa.

Recommended tour with a guide in Asakusa

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Asakusa is a famous place for sightseeing. Beside there are many izakaya(Japanese gastropab) to enjoy nightlife in Asakusa. Let’s join an izakaya hopping tour. Well informed guide will guide you to the typical places for photoshoot and izakaya.