There are countless numbers of nightclubs in Tokyo offering hip hop, edm, jazz, rock and a variety of music genres to enjoy. You don’t know where to go, or what to do at night. I will be introducing a great way to make your night unforgettable through nightclubs deeply rooted into the heart of Tokyo. You may think of izakaya and bars as a more Japan rooted experience as for their daily accessability. Being open from 6 to 10 PM and is a great night attraction none the less. But nightclubs are the follow up to izakaya and bars as they get hot past midnight and is by far the peak of a proper night attraction. Roppongi, Shibuya and Azabu are filled with great nightclubs which I will be introducing below. If you read this, your nightlife will be a lot more fantastic and memorable.

Characteristics of Tokyo’s Nightclubs

One of Tokyo Nightlife’s night activity, nightclubs start to attract crowds of people just before the last train around 11PM. Many drink and eat at an izakaya or restaurant with their friends and colleagues, have a drink or so at a bar near by then head to the nightclub towns: Roppongi, Shibuya and Ginza.
The nightclubs in Tokyo range from large to small.
Characteristics of nightclubs for local Japanese people including myself are roughly divided into tow.

One key characteristic of nightclubs in Tokyo is a place where people are there to “seek new encounters”. Many people are busy during the day and are unable to find opportunities to meet the opposite sex. Nightclubs are rooted with locals seeking to meet new people. Sparking a conversation with a stranger should be a lot easier in the club than in Starbucks!
Clubs that put an emphasis on these opportunities have luxurious interior decoration and design creating a great environment for men and women to interact. There are also many VIP seats and sofa seats for you to get even more friendly with someone you meet.

Another key characteristic is that the genre of music varies from club to club. You can easily find a club that plays your favorite music. Music genre ranges from EDM, Hip Hop and even the somewhat rare Rock, Heavy metal and Jazz clubs. Clubs focused more on music are in many cases relatively small and always filled with regulars.

There are even some live houses and jazz bars that are introduced as clubs.
Whichever type of nightclub you are interested in, the areas to have the best nightlife while traveling Tokyo are Roppongi, Shibuya and Ginza. Based on my experiences, I will introduce the best nightclubs by area, so feel free give the ones that most interest you a try.

night in Tokyo
Source: flickr

What time is the best to go to a club?

As mentioned in the Tokyo Nightlife Guide, the best time to go to the nightclub is around 11PM. Popular nightclubs in Roppongi and Shibuya often have lines forming past 11:30PM, and often taking an hour till you can get in.
Also, go to the nightclub on Friday nights, Saturday nights and nights before a holiday. Because Tokyo nightclubs get lively from past midnight, there are many cases where clubs are not crowded on weekday nights. (Famous DJ events, Halloween and other event nights are crowded).

Also, the peak hours (the most crowded and fun hours) are after 1 – 2 AM. Most Tokyo nightclubs are open until 5 – 6 AM and most stay until the morning.
Many people come to the nightclub on the last train from cities close to Tokyo, and other Tokyo areas.
On weekend (Friday / Saturday) nights, izakaya and bars around popular nightclubs are quite crowded with people planning to go clubbing warming up.

People enjoying club musicSource: Vision Official Website

Club Door Pricing

The door pricing system is probably not that different from other countries. There is an entrance fee of around 2000 – 4000 yen ($20 – 30), and depending on the nightclub you can get several drink tickets.
In addition, females for the most part can get in for free or for a severely discounted price.
The only warning is that many nightclubs dislike credit card or don’t even accept it.
The cash only culture is still deeply rooted in Japan, and credit cards, electronic money are not fully incorporated in the nightclub scene.

What are the age groups in Tokyo’s clubs

Age groups depend on areas that you go to.
Shibuya and Ginza nightclubs are often younger (early 20s) compared to Roppongi.
Roppongi is also in a business district so many people are in the post 20s to

What to wear in nightclubs

Short pants, sandals, sweats and tank-tops are usually not allowed in many clubs so don’t wear them. Also, I don’t recommend wearing brand-new white sneakers since they can get stepped on and can become quite dirty!
What to wear?
Inside the club it is usually quite warm so even during the winter, men wear
T-shirts and women dress in thin skirts and dresses.
Here are some pics that might give you ideas!

Source: Vision Official Website

Best Tokyo’s Areas to go to Nightclubs

To maximize your nightlife experience you cannot miss the nightlife districts: Roppongi, Shibuya and Ginza for there amazing nightclub scene. There are other areas such as Daikanyama and Shinjuku that offer amazing night lifes but there aren’t many popular nightclubs in those areas. Those areas in return offer a great izakaya and bar night life. For more info, read the Shinjuku Nightlife Guide. Outside the main three areas there is also one more location Shinkiba, where there is a huge and popular nightclub Ageha, which will be covered later. Going back to the three main areas, each have their own quirks. Roppongi and Ginza are a little more pricey and offer a luxurious nightclub. Shibuya on the other hand, is more reasonable with many younger customers livening the floors. I will be introducing the best clubs to go in each of these areas.

Club Ageha
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Roppongi Clubs :Filled with elegant Nightclubs

Roppongi is Tokyo’s most competative nightclub area with many famous and popular clubs. Due to this, it makes it a great place for club hopping and experiencing many new styles. The area quite popular to rich IT company CEOs and rich business people. Besides locals though many foreign celebs and tourists visit the international Roppongi area. For more information, access Roppongi Nightlife Guide.

Best Nightclubs in Roppongi


V2 is one of the most popular nightclubs in Tokyo. Beautiful girls gather from all around Tokyo as well as many foreign celebs such as Justin Bieber and Neymar.
The nightclub’s interior is one of the finest luxurious designs in Roppongi with many chandeliers, luxury sofas and a 360 view of the Tokyo night from a glass wall.

There are a total of 26 VIP seats that are arranged along the glass walls. Often all the VIP seats are full on weekends. Like Alife, the male to female ratio is 7 to 3 with many in their mid-20s. Also a very popular spot among tourists.

・The Author’s Tips:
The male to female ratio is around 7 to 3. Popular with foreigners living in Japan. Just be aware that since this is a highly popular nightclub, around midnight you could have to wait up to an hour to get in. I recommend you enter around 11 PM.

・The average age of the customers: Men 25~35y/o Women 25~30y/o
・door price: Ave. 3000-4000JPY
・vip table price: from 20,000JPY

VJ JOKERさん(@vj_joker)がシェアした投稿 -


Located about 3 minutes on foot from Roppongi crossing, Esprit has good access and is often crowded with people on the weekends. The nightclub is divided into 2 floors, the 1st being the main floor, and the 2nd with the VIP seats and bar counter a more calm floor. EDM music is often being played, and is crowded with EDM loving locals.

・ Author’s Tips:
Every Friday there is an EDM event called FRIDAY FESTA and it’s highly exciting, definetly recommend going.

・The average age of the customers: Men 20~30y/o Women 20~30y/o
・door price: 2500-3500JPY
・vip table price: from 25,000JPY

ESPRITSource/ ESPRIT Facebook

Dia Tokyo

With 3 floors, on the 1st floor you can get started with a drink while enjoying the atmosphere of the large bar. In the back, there is also a restaurant, perfect for dinners. The main floors is on the 2nd floor with a DJ booth placed in the center, and also a 3rd floor with another bar.

・Author’s Tips: 
An slightly older crowd with a calm mature atmosphere. Since there is a dress code, you might not be able to enter with casual clothing. Don’t wear shorts or sandals when visiting.

・The average age of the customers: Men 25~40y/o Women 25~35y/o
・door price: 2000-4000JPY

Dia TokyoSource/ CLUB MAP

1 OAK Tokyo

The Tokyo branch of a famous nightclub in America, 1 OAK. Being 1500m2 and in Roppongi, it is the largest nightclub in Tokyo. Music is centered around hit charts. The 1st floor has VIP seats, and it’s best to get VIP seats if your budget allows.

・Author’s Tips:
VIP pricing varies and you will need to ask the nightclub for details. If your budget allows for it, definetly ask the staff. I would love to get VIP seats sometime… Also note that the dress code is quite strict.

・The average age of the customers: Men 25~40 y/o Women 25~30 y/o
・door price: from 3000JPY
・vip table price: N/A

1 OAK Tokyoさん(@1oaktokyo)がシェアした投稿 -

Villa Tokyo

The latest nightclub where the entrance is made in image of bird wings. An interesting characteristic is that the VIP seats are behind the DJ booth. You can watch the dance floor from the eyes of the DJ.

・ Author’s Tips:
The VIP seats have a wonderful view, so why not give it a try?

・The average age of the customers: Men 25~35y/o Women 20~30y/o
・door price: 3000-3500JPY
・vip table price:

VILLATOKYOさん(@villa_tokyo)がシェアした投稿 -

Shibuya Clubs: dancing with youngstars

Shibuya is full of energy crowded with youngsters in their early 20s. Youth brings livelyhood to the nightclubs and shapes the music city of Shibuya. Many big and small clubs as well as a variety of music genres can be enjoyed here. If you want to go big head to WOMB and VISION to meet worldly famous DJs.

Best Nightclubs in Shibuya


One of the most popular clubs in Shibuya. Divided into 3 floors but, often too crowded on weekends to be able to visit all of the floors. There are female only seats but are always full so if you want to rest it’s best to just get VIP seats.

・Author’s Tips:
Since it is crowded every week, it’s best to reserve relatively inexpensive VIP seats. The male to female ratio is around 7 to 3. There are also many foreign tourists and foreigners living in Japan.

・The average age of the customers: Men 20~30y/o Women 20~30y/o
・door price: 2000-3000JPY
・vip table price: 3000-4000JPY/person (2 hours)

Appearance of ATOM


Housing up to 900 people with only 1 floor, it can get quite crowded on the weekends. With an atmosphere close to Roppongi, you can enjoy a different atmosphere from the clubs around Shibuya. In addition, there are a wide range of VIP seats from platinum to bronze. And the biggest feature of this nightclub is the dancers. Unique dancers such as GOGO dancers and drag queens appear around 1 AM. I would especially recommend if you want to dance with some sexy dancers.

・Author’s Tips:
Inside the same building as Shibuya Meat Alley (link). The male to female ration is 8 to 2, with few foreigners, and many casual customers in their early 20s, a very Shibuya like nightclub. Great for learning a different feel in clubs within Shibuya.

・The average age of the customers: Men 20~30y/o Women 20~30y/o
・door price:1000-3500JPY
・vip table price:2000-4000JPY/Order one bottle (2 hours)

Atmosohere of TKSource/ TK Official website


One of the biggest popular nightclubs in Shibuya. On average, over 1000 people on weekends, and peak up to 1400 on some nights. Because of it’s size, there are a variety of music you can enjoy and is great for first time clubers.

・Author’s Tips:
Camelot is crowded with people in their 20s and 30s, and the male to female ratio is 8 to 2. Especially crowded with early 20s. Compared to ATOM, not that many foreigners. A very casual club and is relatively great for nightclub beginners.

・The average age of the customers: Men 20~35y/o Women 20~30y/o
・door price: 2000-3000JPY
・vip table price: from 50,000JPY

홍석준さん(@seokjun188)がシェアした投稿 -


One of the largest clubs in Shibuya, alonside VISION. A key characteristic is the moving lights. In WOMB, there are many moving lights for you to enjoy a large scale light performance that you cannot see at any other clubs.

・Author’s Tips:
A must see lights and visual effects approved by the world.

・The average age of the customers: Men 25~35y/o Women 20~30y/o
・door price:1500-3000JPY
・vip table price: N/A

The entrance of Womb

Sound Museum VISION

Alongside WOMB, one of the largest nightclubs in Shibuya. With free Wi-Fi and charging outlets, among the Tokyo nightclubs, WOMB has great customer service.

・Author’s Tips:
A nightclub loved by a wide range of customers from young to old, and foreigners. Many outgoing people who love to talk about music and a must go for music-lovers.

・The average age of the customers: Men25~40y/o Women20~40y/o
・door price:2500-4000JPY
・vip table price:N/A

Atmosphere of VisionSound Museum Vision/ Vision Official Website


Tokyo Hip Hop nightclub, HARLEM is a super-famous nightclub that has been open for over 20 years. Often crowded with many Hip Hop lovers.

・Author’s Tips:
A must go for Hip hop lovers and a great way to experience the Japan Hip hop scene.

・The average age of the customers: Men 25~35y/o Women 20~30y/o
・door price:1500-3000JPY
・vip table price:N/A

Appearance of Harlem

Ginza Clubs: Back to disco era

Ginza is an mature adult nightlife spot for relatively older locals in their 30s to 50s. Being a great spot for weekday and weekends, many izakaya and bars are crowded with people coming home from work at around 5PM on weekdays, and on weekends, clubs such as the most popular GENIUS open until 2AM is really crowded with people from around 10 to 11PM.

Best Nightclubs in Ginza


GENIUS is a nightclub and disco loved by adults playing in Ginza. It is a huge nightclub consisting of 4 floors from the B3 to 6F. Also being Ginza, there is a wide age range from 20s to 50s. There are many seating spaces so you can enjoy drinking slowly.

・Author’s Tips:
Great for people who love a more calm nightclub and older crowd.
・The average age of the customers: Men 25~50y/o Women 20~40y/o
・door price: 3000-5000JPY
・vip table price:N/A

Ryuta Ueno DJさん(がシェアした投稿 -


A nightclub near Hibiya station, a neighbor to Ginza. With the main floor located on B3, it is quite big for its location and you can enjoy a calm atmosphere.

・Author’s Tips: 
Located in an office district, can be quite lively with business persons even on weekdays. If your hotel is in the area, definetly give it a visit.

・The average age of the customers: Men 25~50y/o Women 20~40y/o
・door price:N/A
・vip table price:N/A

atmosphere of Club DianaSource: Diana Official Website

Tips to make the most out of clubbing in Tokyo

Watch your Valuables

Inside night clubs are very crowded and there could be pickpockets. Be sure to keep valuables such as wallets inside the lockers.

Avoid Trouble

Troubles and fights can occur. Avoid overly drunk people as much as possible.

Do not sit on the Ladies Seats (for Men)

Not only in Tokyo but also seen all around Japan, Ladies seats are female only seats. Boards written in English, “Ladies Seats” are places so be sure not to sit in them if you’re a man.

Watch out for aggressive flirting (for Women)

Many people get a lot more confident while drunk. If someone is overly pushy and is bothering you, feel free to ask the staff for help.

Flirting with a girl from the VIP area (for Men)

Girls who come to night clubs are split up into 1) beginners 2) regulars and 3) accompanying someone. Especially for night clubs with VIP seats, the staff will introduce girls to the VIP seats. If you overly flirt or be too agressive, or take them to another floor, the security could warn you or even take you out of the VIP area. When talking to girls, be sure to ask who them came with or if they are accompanying someone.

Minimize your belongings

Night club lockers are small, and limited in number so minimize your belongings. Some night clubs due to the locker size may not fit bags and coats so be careful.