Asakusa is the highly popular sightseeing spot in Tokyo among foreign tourists. There are many temples, shrines, and historical architectures that help us to feel Japanese history and culture. Not only on daytime, but also on nighttime we can enjoy Japanese nightlife experience in Izakaya and restaurant. Today, we will introduce recommended night show 「Amuse Cafe Theater」

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The recommended night shows in Asakusa④

Amuse Cafe Theater

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「Amuse Cafe Theater」is the cafe theater that has had more than 1200 times of shows since their first show in Dec.7th in 2010. It is the facility that offer Japanese culture from Asakusa as well as Amuse Museum that offer the culture of cloth and Ukiyoe. It has been established in Asakusa-Rokku that were trying to make the revival at that time.
It is 「Torahime Ichiza」 who give us Omotenashi service in this café theater. They work as café staff serving dishes and drink, and also perform the Show as well. The dish menus are all originally produced by the member of Torahime Ichiza.「Asakusa Rock Cider」that tastes good old flavor, and 「Torahime Makanai Curry」that has sunny-side up eggs and often eaten by Torahime Ichiza when they were on Asakusa Long Run period.
This café has been started for the purpose of reviving the Asakusa. In addition to Amuse Museum, Amuse Café Theater is the facility that offer Japanese culture from Asakusa. Let’s enjoy Japanese Culture in Asakusa.

Schedule & Entrance Fee

Though the fee differ depending on the Shows, Torahime Ichiza charges 5400 yen for adult (there is discount for student). All includes tax. It’s free for elementally school students or younger. The seat’s number will be allocated according to the order of reservation. There are no food and drink during the show time. When you enter from Show time, the bar time fee will be 500 yen. When you enter from bar time, the fee will be 800 yen. The show schedule, open and start time differ depending on the day. You can check the detail on the web.

The URL of the shop


Address:2-10, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Business Hour:Day show 12:00 Open, 13:00 Show / Night show 18:00 Open, 19:00 Show
※Saturday, Sunday, and National holiday : Nighttime 17:00 Open, 18:00 Show
※Thursday : Only night show、
※Sunday : Only day show
Bar Time:Friday:21:30〜23:30(L.O. 23:00)
Saturday:20:30〜22:30(L.O. 22:00)

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What is Asakusa like?

The history of Asakusa


The history of Asakusa has been started since the time when the capital of Japan was located in Kyoto. After the capital of Japan has been transferred in Edo (current Tokyo city) in 1600s, Asakusa flourished with trading business, culture, entertainment business.
It is said that Sumida River played the big role of its flourishment. Senso temple is said to be started when a small Buddhist image was founded in the Sumida River. There are many temples and shrines as well as Senso temple. And each has it’s own history. You will see the attractive point of Asakusa when you go sightseeing with the knowledge of those hidden history.

Let’s enjoy Asakusa Gourmet!


Though Dojo dishes and beef stew are well known as Asakusa gourmet, Soba is also one of it. There are many good Soba restaurant in Asakusa. 「Kaminamiron Maruka」is one of those good Soba restaurant. They have particular about the ingredients. They use French Duck to Duck Namban. It is very good old Soba restaurant. Let’s enjoy authentic Soba.

Recommended Guide Tour in Asakusa.

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There are many good spot for Japanese history and culture in Asakusa. If you could not decide where to go, let’s join walking tour in Asakusa. Japanese guide will give you useful information in Asakusa. They also will take you to photo spot and Izakaya as well. Let’s meet up and become friends with local people.