Asakusa is a popular sightseeing spots also for foreign tourists.
There are many historical buildings such as temples and shrines, so that you can find
history and culture of Japan. Besides sightseeing during daytime, you can enjoy bar hopping or local dishes at Izakaya (Japanese gastropub) or restaurants. That must be also the reason why Asakusa so popular is. This time we’ll show you “ Torahimeichiza” for your nightlife.

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Recommended night show in Asakusa⑤


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Torahimeichiza was formed to perform special contents which was refined with the concept of the old good Showa song revival at the birthplace of Japanese entertainment "Asakusa". A total of 12 who perform song, show with pantomime, dancing, acrobatics, etc. They perform a long run performance of more than 1,200 times in total 2 performances of “Revival! Showa Kayo!! Enoken & Kasagi’s hit song revuw” and “Showa Kayo revuw Shabondama-dayo! Gyūnyū sekken !!” at Asakusa rokku (6th district ). Luxurious Showa Kayo Revue Show”Asakusa revuw Torahimeichiza Roppongi special performance - Tokyo Modern Girls gift from Amami” which goes about the history of Tokyo from the year 1600 until now. You’ll find culture and history of Japan. Let’s enjoy cute and energetic live performance in Asakusa.

Schedule & Entrance fee

Most of the time Torahimeichiza perform at Amuse café & theatre. You can find about schedule at official website of Amuse café & theatre. You can enjoy and sometimes join live performance of 70's Western music songs, nostalgic conte programs, memorable songs from prewar / postwar period to the Japanese economic miracle period. You can find history of Japanese culture. The entrance fee is 5,400 yen for adult. They also offer other special prices so check the website.

The URL of the Theater


Address:Amuse café& theatre:2-10 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo Don Quijote Building 7F Open hours:Daytime performance:12:00 Open, 13:00 Show (-15:00)
Evening performance:18:00 Open, 19:00 Show (-21:30)
※Evening performances on Saturday, Sunday and holidays
17:00 Open, 18:00 Show (-20:30)

What is Asakusa?

History of Asakusa


Asakusa has a long history. It has already there when the capital of Japan was in Kyoto.
At around 1600, the capital of Japan has moved to Edo (Current Tokyo) so that business, culture, entertainment has developed and prospered in Asakusa. It is said that the development of the city is also related to the river. According to a legend, a statue of the Kannon which is enshrined in Sensoji temple was found in the Sumida River. There are many beautiful temple such as Sensoji temple which is famous for Kaminarimon(,large entrance gate ), shrines in Asakusa. When you visit these temples, shrines, you might get profit. You’ll find charm city of Asakusa.

Enjoy eating at Asakusa!


Popular dishes for Asakusa. That’s are “Edomaezushi (Edo (former name of Tokyo)-style sushi)” “Dojō (freshwater loach)” and soba noodle. There are many soba noodle restaurants in Asakusa so let’s try one. One of the famous restaurant is “ Owariya-origonal shop”. More than 160 years of historical shop. The popular menu is “tempura soba”. A big shrimp on top, it looks gorgeous. You also can eat “donburi(rice-bowl)””kishimen (flat noodles)”.

Recommended tour with a guide in Asakusa

Magical Asakusa Tokyo Pub Crawl Tour - Night Crawl through Tokyo’s Historical Town

There are many sightseeing spots in Asakusa. We recommend you to join a tour so that you don’t have to worry about choosing where to go. Well informed guide will guide you to the sightseeing spots or typical places for photoshoot. After that you go to Izakaya. Let’s enjoy delicious dishes and nice time with a guide and other guests of this tour.