“Asakusa Hoppy Street “ is a street where there are many izakaya (Japanese-style pubs ) and you can feel true nostalgic Japan. Many visitors come here every day to enjoy and drink alcohol for low prices, also at day times. You can experience a true downtown of Tokyo while visiting this street. This time we’ll tell you about” Torishō” located at “Asakusa Hoppy Street “.

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”Torishō” opened in 2014, so it’s quite a new izakaya at” Asakusa Hoppy Street”. Go straight umamichi-dori then you will find this izakaya – a typical entrance with wooden structure – is on your left. Inside the izakaya, you will find a traditional counter bar. There are also two low tables. It’s cozy and you can relax. Especially during dinner time this izakaya is very busy. 
So pay attention at which time you like to visit this popular izakaya. 
You can enjoy Yakitori ( grilled chicken ) with good ingredients. It can be served with good sake suited for food. It’s a nice izakaya for those who like to enjoy well prepared typical izakaya dishes. You should visit this excellent izakaya ”Torishō” and try their Yakitori!

About the recommended menu of “Torishō”

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“Torishō” is a popular yakitori restaurant. Yakitori ( Grilled chicken )you should try while in Japan! The typical dishes which you only can eat here, for example Fresh and juicy “Nama tsukune (a Japanese chicken meatball)”,” liver,” “Tori sashi (chicken sashimi) “. You can enjoy the taste of Japanese chicken. This izakaya has many types of sake. So you can enjoy both eating and drinking. As a final dish you can try” ikasumi meshi.” Cooked rice with squid ink. recommend for creative Japanese cuisine lover’s.

About “Torishō”

Address: 2-35-14 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Business Hours; 17:00 – 0:00 (Monday-Saturday)
Closed when they are sold out
15:00 – (Sunday)
Closed when they are sold out
Closed on: Mondays
Access: Tokyo metro Ginza Line. Toei Asakusa Line Asakusa Station from exit 6,
3 -minute walk

What is “Asakusa Hoppy Street”?

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“Asakusa Hoppy Street” is a street where you can visit many izakaya (Japanese-style pubs.) The name “Hoppy” comes originally from a beer-flavored almost non-alcoholic drink. Local people loved this drink during the old days because beer was too expensive. Especially at downtown areas of Tokyo, in Asakusa, this drink was so popular and one of these streets was nicknamed “Hoppy Street”. This “Hoppy Street” became popular because you can feel true downtown of Tokyo. So many people come here to enjoy bar crawling. Let’s enjoy with friendly local people at “Asakusa Hoppy Street”!

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