Asakusa where we can feel Japanese local atmosphere is one of the most popular sightseeing spot in Tokyo. There are many historical and traditional architectures such as Senso temple, Nakamise that is good for gift shopping, retro theme park – Hanayashiki. We can enjoy sightseeing all day. In addition, there are also good-old bars and restaurants. Today, we will introduce 5 recommended bars where we can enjoy drinking Japanese Sake.

Best 5 recommended bars in Asakusa area

1.Sake-no-Daimasu kaminarimon


Sake-no-Daimasu Kaminarimon has 2 business styles such as Japanese Sake shop and bar produced by the local Sake shop. There are always more than 100 kinds of Sake in this bar, and we can casually try to drink whichever you want by glass. We can order alcohol drink for 90ml or 180ml, and we can also bring in Sake purchased in Sake shop space. It’s also good to order some dishes. There are Sashimi, grilled bacon. The owner of this bar has a license of Sake-tasting. You can freely ask him which Sake is good for you when you could not decide which to try.

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Yomosaketen is standing bar that we can enjoy having appetizers and drinking Sake without seat. This bar is as small as we might miss and pass through. There are a number of kinds of Japanese Sake displayed in plain interior. This bar’s attractive point is affordable pricing. The snack and canning appetizers can be had for only dozens of yen. It opens from 9 am. So if you want to try to drink few glass, this bar is good to go.

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3.Kamiya Bar


The Kamiya Bar can be said that it is the most popular and oldest, and even first bar in Japan. Started in 1880, this bar has relaxing interior with Japanese good old atmosphere. In addition to Japanese Sake, they serve wine, cocktail, whiskey, and especially “Denkibran” that the first owner created is main alcohol drink. There are many kinds of food menu as well, so let’s have a lunch and Sake. Please try Kamiya Bar when you visit Asakusa.

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4.Asakusa Ichimon Main Shop


This Izakaya restaurant has Japanese retro house over view. They provide you with fresh seafood dishes. They usually stock good Japanese Sake and Shochu from all over Japan. There are staff who has a license of Sake-tasting, so we can freely ask what is good for us. They also have appetizers and course dishes, especially Tuna and Leek Nabe dishes that used to be had by Samurai for long time ago is very popular. Let’s make a toast with 「Take Sake」first.

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This Bar is managed by very quiet owner. When we enter the bar, small interior will welcome you. There is good Japanese local atmosphere. A lot of kinds of Sake carefully selected by the owner are all good Japanese Sake. We can enjoy drinking Sake either as cold or hot. This bar also provide good local dishes go well with those Sake. Let’s go to Nurukan to get very the Asakusa Izakaya experience.

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What is Asakusa like?

The history of Asakusa.

Asakusa known as the spot that has Sosen temple and Kaminarimon is very the Japanese local sightseeing spot. Since this area used to be designated as rice-preserve-spot in Samurai era, many Samurais and merchants had gathered, and it became a big downtown. In addition, Senso temple built in 628 became huge shrine with the support of government. Senso temple has been getting many worshipers and help Asakusa’s flourishment. Nakamise is the shopping street used to be built for those worshipers are currently popular sightseeing spot.

Let’s enjoy gourmet in Asakusa!

In Asakusa, there are many bars and restaurants called Asakusa Gourmet. Especially Tendon, Unaju, and Soba is much popular local dishes. Soba noodle dishes made from buckwheat. It has very good flavor and texture. We want you to try Soba at 「Namikiyabusoba」that is often introduced by some media.

Recommended guide tour in Asakusa

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Izakaya has not only good old gourmet restaurant but also Tokyo local food restaurants such as Monjayaki and Hoppy drink. If you visit all the way to Tokyo, let’s join the Izakaya tour in Tokyo. Friendly guide will take you to good Izakaya and help you enjoy having good dishes and drink.