Must-see hot events held in Osaka & Kobe for July, 2017 brought to you by MagicalTrip staff. We highlight the best events for anyone visiting Osaka & Kobe in June, 2017 and wondering what to do.
Plan a trip around the various traditional events held in Osaka & Kobe in July, 2017.
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Connect with Japanese Culture and Tradition

1. Follow the footprints of “Tenshoken Shonen Shisetsu” – 1 to 17 July

Source:Kobe City Museum

A special exhibition held at the Kobe City Museum. During the 6th century, missionaries came to Japan to spread Christianity. In order to further this, Missionary Valignano took several Japanese followers to Europe. In this exhibition, you can follow the footprints of these followers, “Tenshoken Shonen Shisetsu” as well as introduce art from Italy. You can experience over 70 pieces such as Bronzino and Tintorette’s paintings, tapestry, pottery and glass. Among these pieces the “Portrait of Via de Medici” which will be released for the first time in Japan and the “Portrait of Ito Mancho” miraculously discovered in 2014 are a must see! Also, during the special exhibition period, you can enjoy lectures and concerts.


1st to 17th July : AM9:30-PM5:30

  • Closed on Monday

Access & Address

10 min by walk from Sannomiya Station

  • 50 min by train from Osaka Station

Held around 24 Kyomachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo

Price / Charge & Reservation

Adult: 1,300 yen
College & High school student : 900 yen
Junior high & Elementary school student : 500 yen
& don’t need to reserve.

Official Site

Follow the footprints of “Tenshoken Shonen Shisetsu” Official Site

2. Parade of boats at Kobe Port – 15 July

Source: コンチェルト

2017 will be 150 years since Kobe Port opened, and to celebrate this, boats from all around will be gathered. This festival is an unique festival where you can see the “Parade of boats” up close. At the same time, at the Marine Festa Kobe, where you can learn and experience the technologies and cultures of the Kobe, 15,000 fireworks be lighting up the night sky. This is a must see event that can be enjoyed by all ages and all day long!


15th July : AM11:00-PM4:00

Access & Address

15 min by walk from Motomachi Station

Held around Hatobacho, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo

Price / Charge & Reservation

Free & need to reserve ticket via post card
Please contact us for advance ticket status.

3. Yoka Summer Firework Festival – 16 July

Source: Yabu City Tourism Association

“Yoka Summer Festival” is a 2 day summer festival combined with the “Yoka Summer Firework Festival”. It is held at the river bed of Yagi river, and over 2000 fireworks are launched. There are also dances and parades to enjoy during the day time. Also, be sure to not miss out “Tsukurimono”, which is an event that has been inherited since more than a hundred years ago. It is also a historical festival where the locals will come here to display their skills as well as their pottery and crafts.


16th July : PM8:00-9:00

Access & Address

15 min by walk from Yoka Station

  • 2 hour by train from Kobe Station

Held around Yoka, Yoka-cho Yabu-shi, Hyogo

Price / Charge & Reservation

For free & don’t need to reserve.

Official Site

Yoka Summer Firework Festival Official Site

4. Dedication Fireworks at Tenjin Festival – 25 July

The climax of Tenjin Festival at Oosaka Tenjinguu is the “Dedication Fireworks” that is launched to end the second day of the festival. As the festival climbs towards the climax and surrounding becomes dim, beautiful fireworks are launched. 3,000 rounds of fireworks being launched from both sides of the large river is breathtakingly beautiful. The light from fireworks, bonfire, and lantern lights up the ships sailing on the river creating a fantastic view for the visitors.


25th July : PM7:00-9:00

Access & Address

1 min by walk from Sakuranomiya Station

  • 10 min by train from Osaka Station

Held around 1-11 Nakanocho, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Price / Charge & Reservation

For free & don’t need to reserve.

Official Site

Dedication Fireworks at Tenjin Festival Official Site

Featured Event for Kids

5. Reptiles Fever 2017 – 1 to 2 July

Source: 虫愛ずるなんとやら。

This is a large event of reptiles held on the theme, “Reptiles are the best!”. There are many reptiles on display and each have a strong presence with their outstanding impact. Besides these reptiles, birds, mammals (except dogs and cats), insects, and cute but slightly grotesque creatures are displayed and can be purchased as pets. There is also a commorative photo booth where you can take pictures wil owls and other small animals which can be enjoyed from all ages.


1st to 2nd July : AM10:00-PM5:00

Access & Address

1 min by walk from Trade Center-mae Station

  • 30 min by train from Osaka Station

Held around 2-1-10 Nankokita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Price / Charge & Reservation

1,100 yen
Elementary school student : 700 yen
& don’t need to reserve.

Official Site

Syouzann Keiryouyuka Official Site

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