Ramen is a popular Japanese dish among people all over the world. There are many different types of soup bases and toppings in Japanese ramen. Almost all of the ramen lovers have their favorite flavor after trying lots of different ramen. However, the ramen we are going to introduce today may be the one you have never heard before.

What is Cheese Ramen!?

“Tsukumo ramen(九十九ラーメン)” serves very unique ramen with a lot of cheese on top of the ramen!! They put the ramen bowl under the grated-cheese-making machine and you can see the machine sprinkles the grated cheese over the ramen, piling up a small cheese mountain. When it comes in front of you, firstly we recommend you to try it without cheese, and then stir the cheese into the soup with your chopsticks. The cheese will melt into the hot soup, thickening the broth and creating a mild and creamy taste.

Get your favorite Ramen!

Does it whet your appetite? If it does, you should definitely try it at Tsukumo ramen, which is near Ebisu station. We hope your favorite ramen flavor will change into this one after trying it!