Karaoke is singing a song along with recorded music and there are many bars and izakayas in which you can enjoy karaoke. They are popular for all generations and foreign music is available as well.

In this article, we would like to introduce a karaoke bar in Osaka, “Hong Kong Club Q International Party Bar”.Please read “Foreign music welcome! Izakayas and bars which you can enjoy karaoke” for other karaoke bars.

Hong Kong Club Q International Party Bar in Osaka

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Hong Kong Club Q International Party Bar is located in the Shinsaibashi area of Osaka. And despite just opening just a year and half ago, the bar has grown into a very popular bar.

When the night comes, both interior and exterior of the bar are lit up with flashy neons, creating a lively atmosphere. It is a small bar which has only 30 seats, but it gets filled with customers every day.

The bar owner is from Hong Kong and the staff are from various countries. You also can spot international customers here besides local Japanese customers. You can easily enjoy intercultural exchanges.

Also this bar is known for its great hospitality as the owner and staff carefully create a welcoming atmosphere that everyone will surely enjoy.

The charm of this bar is that you can spend a peaceful and enjoyable time with in a multinational environment.

what to enjoy at Hong Kong Club Q International Party Bar

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In the Hong Kong Club Q International Party Bar, you can enjoy various activities besides karaoke such as darts and a pole dance show.
Of course you can enjoy karaoke and sing as many songs as you want for 1,000 yen, and you can enjoy singing with other customers as well.

Also the bar has a “All-you-can-drink course” which includes alcohol. It costs 3,000 yen for male customers and 1,500 yen for female customers.

The type of food served at this bar is Hong Kong cuisine which is the bar owner’s country dishes. Pork Kakuni, a braised pork belly, and Hong Kong style ramen are recommended dishes.

Come and join karaoke night in a multicultural atmosphere at Hong Kong Club Q International Party Bar!

Information about Hong Kong Club Q International Party Bar

Address: Botan Building B1 2-1-14 Higashi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Business hour: 8pm to 5am
Close on Sunday
Access to the bar: 5 minutes walk from Sakaisuji Line Nagahori-bashi station

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About karaoke

Karaoke is singing along with recorded music which is stored in a machine called a “karaoke system”. After you enter a song code into the karaoke system, you can sing like a professional singer.

There are two places you can enjoy karaoke: a karaoke bar (or izakaya) and a store called karaoke box. If you want to enjoy karaoke with various people who you met first time, you would enjoy a karaoke bar. Whereas the karaoke box is for people who would like to enjoy singing alone or with a group friends.

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