At Karaoke, you can be a singer! Grip the microphone and sing a song with instrumental music. There are lyrics on the display going on, so you can at least need to know the melody. Because many foreigner also go to Karaoke, they have many western music on the list.

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About “English Karaoke Bar Bruce”

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English Karaoke Bar Bruce is specialized for Western music. They have as much as about 40,000 Western songs all the time. Inside the bar, black chic sofa is surrounded by glass walls. The number of seats are 19, but if some stands they can accommodate 25 guests there. You can see yourself singing through the mirror. Basically the price is only for Karaoke including 2 cups of drink, and additional charge is for drink that you order more than that. They open at 19 pm through Monday to Saturday. Many regular customers come by themselves and you can get friend easily. Although not so many foreigners are coming to the bar, you won’t feel awkward because of the friendly atmosphere that the bar has.

What You Can Experience at “English Karaoke Bar Bruce”

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You can choose your song from more than 40,000songs at the Karaoke bar. You would think the sound is as same as Japanese general Karaoke machine’s one created with electronic sounds, but the bar originally records the sound at a studio and so the quality of the Karaoke sound is very nice. They also have 4 speakers at 4 corners of the bar that let you hear your own voice easier and clearer. Some songs have more than a type of instrumental versions, and those are recorded in high quality CD. On top of that you can of course sing usual type Karaoke with lyrics that Japanese usual Karaoke have. Some karaoke songs have DVD version that the artists of the songs appears on the display. You can choose your favorite way of singing Karaoke. Let’s check what kind of songs they have at “song search” that you can see on their web site.

About English Karaoke Bar Bruce (Tokyo)

Address: 105-0004, Iwata-building 2nd floor, 3-6-3, Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo-to
Open: 19:00 pm 〜 1:00 am
Close: Sunday
Access: 4-minutes walk from JR Shimbashi Station

Are You Planning to Visit Japan? Let’s Go to “Karaoke”!

What is Karaoke?

You can sing a song to the instrumental version at Karaoke. In Japan, Karaoke got so popular in the 1970s at bar or snack where you can drink alcohols. Then private room Karaoke called “Karaoke Box” had also got popular in Japan. You can feel as if you were a singer at Karaoke. From anime songs that kids like to rock music and enka ballad, which is a genre of Japanese popular song which is full of melancholy, Japanese people love to sing at Karaoke regardless of age or sex. Because recently Karaoke has spread throughout the world, you will see that Japanese Karaoke has Western, Chinese and also Korean songs. If you want to share the experience of Karaoke, go to a Karaoke bar. And those who want to enjoy Karaoke with friends would want to go to Karaoke Box that has private rooms.

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