Asakusa has long history, and much popular sightseeing spot in Tokyo. We can enjoy all day at Senso temple that has huge red Japanese lantern, gift shop area – Nakamise, and retro theme park- Hanayashiki. Today, we will introduce good Japanese Sake bar – Sake-no-Ohmasu Kaminarimon.

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Recommended Japanese Sake bar in Asakusaー①

Sake-no-Ohmasu Kaminarimon


Sake-no-Ohmasu kaminarimon is Japanese Sake bar that has 2 business style such as bar and Sake shop. This bar is produced by local Sake shop and has a concept like 「serve good Japanese Sake with affordable price」. There are always more than 100 kinds of Sake in this bar, and we can casually try to drink whichever (sweet and dry) you want by glass. They stock good Sake from all over Japan, and we can order Sake for 90ml or 180ml. If you want to try abnormal Sake, let’s try sparkling Sake. If there are too many kinds of Sake to choose your favorite, let’s ask the owner staff. There are Sashimi, potato salad, and grilled bacon. Why don’t you purchase your favorite Sake for gift.

Recommended Sake①「Tasting Set」


If you want to try to taste various kinds of Sake, let’s order Tasting set. It includes 3 different 45ml of Sake, and moreover we can choose those 3 kinds of Sake more roughly such as Seijuku and Kyukyoku, total 5 kinds of Sake. The price is around 1100~1400 yen.

Recommended Sake②「Nabeshima」


Nabeshima is authentic Japanese Sake has been gotten the award of No.1 Junmai Sake. Many people has image that Japanese Sake tend to be dry taste, but Nabeshima has sweet and fresh taste. This is also good for person who don’t like Sake much.

The URL of the bar


Address:1-2-8, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 〒111-0032
Business Hour:Monday~Friday 4:00 pm ~ 11:30 pm / Saturday, Sunday, National holiday 12:00 pm ~ 11:30 pm

Google map URL:

What is Asakusa like?

The history of Asakusa.

Asakusa is the city has flourished centering on Senso temple. It is said that the roots of Senso temple is that in 628, people enshrined statue of Goddess of Mercy. Since this area used to be designated as rice-preserve-spot in Samurai era, many Samurais and merchants had gathered, and it became a big downtown. Senso temple has been getting many worshipers and help Asakusa’s flourishment. Nakamise is the shopping street used to be built for those worshipers are currently popular sightseeing spot.

Let’s enjoy Asakusa gourmet!

Asakusa has a long history and many good old local restaurants. What popular Asakusa gourmet are Tendon, Unaju, Soba, and especially Ramen. If you want to try soy sauce base Ramen, let’s try 「Ramentei」called Tokyo Ramen.

Recommended guide tour in Asakusa

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Asakusa has many Izakaya where we can enjoy having good local dishes and Sake. Izakaya-hopping tour help you to choose the 3 good Izakaya with friendly Japanese guide. Let’s enjoy nightlife in Asakusa with Tokyo specialty – Monjayaki, and Hoppy.