Asakusa is also a popular destination amongst overseas visitors. Asakusa is filled with culture and history and is home to numerous temples/shrines and historic buildings that visitors can experience by simply walking the streets. It’s also great for nightlife: there are dozens of bars and izakayas, so you can hop across the various establishments. In this article, we’ll introduce Shochan, an izakaya located on Hoppy-Dori, a hotspot for izakayas.

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Shochan is said to have the longest history and the best stews on Hoppy-Dori. Shochan is a food stall, so during the summer customers eat in an open terrace and during the winter in a vinyl tent. The most popular menu at Shochan is Japanese beef stew, which is also a signature dish of Asakusa. Shochan opened its doors in 1951 at the same location. Since then, they have used the same sauce to make the stew, slowly replenishing the soup as needed. The store counts several famous people among its regulars. Apparently, David Bowie also covertly visited Shochan on a trip; it underscores the popularity of Shochan and how it’s the “Go-To Place” on Hoppy-Dori. The store is compact and only has 10 counter and 6 table seats. It’s frequently crowded, but Shochan is a must if you’re in Asakusa. Shochan is open during the day, so why not saunter over during your sightseeing. Taste the universally loved flavors of Shochan.

Recommended Menu Item① Beef Stew



Even amongst the highly rated dishes on Hoppy-Dori, Shochan’s stew stands out. The stew is topped with tofu, so it has plenty of volume and you can easily gulp down 3 cups of sake with the dish. The flavor is on the sweet side, but it pairs well with sake and has a long-finish. Some diners scoop the stew on top of rice. The stew pairs perfectly with rice as well.

Recommended Menu Item② Nishin-ni



Shochan is known for stews; the beef stew is not the only option and the nishin-ni, which is stewed herring, is also an exquisite and popular dish. The stew is lightly braised and has a kick of ginger, making for an elegant taste. This dish pairs well with masuzake, which is sake drank from a wooden box. Sample nishin-ni along with the beef stew.

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Address: 2-7-13 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo-to
Hours: Wednesdays through Fridays open from noon to 22:00; weekends open from 9:00~20:00 *Closes when the stew runs out
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What Kind of Place is Asakusa?

History of Asakusa

Asakusa is a historic town. Its history spans back to when Kyoto used to be the capitol of Japan. Asakusa has thrived as a town of business, culture, and the arts since the capitol moved to Edo (Tokyo) about 400 years ago. One factor that contributed to the development of Asakusa is Sumida River. The origin of Sensoji is said to be a Buddha statue that was found in Sumida River; as such, Sumida River is irreplaceable in the history of Asakusa. Explore the temples/shrines and daily lives of locals that shape Asakusa. Tokyo Skytree is also close by and there is plenty to see.

Savor Asakusa Delicacies!

Asakusa specialties include Edo-style sushi and soba, but Asakusa is also said to be the origin of shoyu ramen. For shoyu ramen, we recommend “Asakusa Ramen Yoroiya”, which has been a local pastime for the last 30 years. They serve a Japanese-style ramen that uses pork and chicken stock as a base, in addition to anchovy, kombu, and bonito flakes to round out the flavor. The gyoza, which uses chicken thigh and vermicelli, but no garlic, is also a popular dish. Take this chance to savor the flavors!

Recommended Guided Tour in Asakusa

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Bar hopping in Japan has become a popular activity amongst overseas visitors. If you want to bar hop in Asakusa, we recommend joining the tour in Asakusa. The tour will visit popular photo spots and a knowledgeable guide will lead you to his or her recommended izakayas, where you can discover new flavors. Enjoy a fun-filled moment on the tour.