Asakusa is one of the popular places where the foreign tourists want to go most when they visit Japan. There are many traditional temples, shrines and historical architectures. In addition, there are many Izakayas and bars where we can enjoy bar-hopping. Today, we will introduce recommended Izakaya located in Hoppy Street -「Taishusakaba Okamoto」.

≫Let’s check「Where do you want to enjoy eating and drinking in Asakusa? 5 recommended Izakayas in Hoppy Street」to know about good Izakayas in Asakusa.

Recommended Izakaya in Asakusa Hoppy Street③

Taishusakaba Okamoto


Taishusakaba Okamoto is kind of very the “Taishusakaba (like a cheap drinking spot)” that has red lantern at the entrance, and serve stew dishes, hoppy. This Izakaya is said to be the oldest stew Izakaya in this Hoppy Street. They serve stew cooked in their traditional way with Motsu. Though Okamoto accommodates only 6 counter seats, there are some regular customers every day. The counter seats are laid out not to make us concern about the eye of other customers each other. We can see the kitchen’s lively atmosphere, and easy to come alone for dinner or drink, even lunch during the working time. If you are big group, you will be guided to annex since the main one is small. You can enjoy all-we-can-drink. The recommended dishes is beef Motsu stewed for more than 6 hours which is only this 53-year-Izakaya in Asakusa can make. There are also Yakitori, fried chicken, Hormone, and Chijimi. We can enjoy drinking beer, Sake, Shochu, Makgeolli, and original cocktails.

The recommended menu①「Stew」


Taishusakaba Okamoto has been founded in 1959. They have keep their traditional taste and way of cooking for 54 years. Now, the 3rd owner is managing the Izakaya. They stew beef Motsu for 6 hours for preparing. During that, they make the few operations of draining off the hot water after boiling, and eliminate the harshness, after that give taste to “Motsu, Hachinosu, Beef” with traditional seasoning. These go well with Sake. Let’s try them.

Recommended menu②「Assorted 4 kinds of whale」


They stock very fresh whale meat from Tsukiji market. We can enjoy eating “Assorted Sashimi” of Nagasu whale’s lean, bacon, tale feather, and skin for 1580 yen (tax in). In addition to Sashimi, there is Tatsuta fry. Whale meat is rare for us. Please try it on your travel in Tokyo.

Izkaya’s URL


Address:1-40-7, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Business Hour:Friday~Wednesday 11:00~23:00, Thursday 17:00~23:00
Google map URL:

What is Asakusa like?

The history of Asakusa


Asakusa is old city. It’s history has been continued since the time when the capital of Japan moved to Tokyo. Nowadays, Asakusa is one of the most popular sightseeing spot in Japan. Actually, Asakusa has been popular area for business, culture, and art. Sumida River played the big role of its flourishment. Asakusa temple is said that it has an origin from the small Buddhist image in the Sumida River, it is indispensable for the history of Asakusa. Asakusa has been created by temples, shrines, and town, everything. You will see the attractive point of Asakusa when you go sightseeing with the knowledge of those hidden history.

Let’s enjoy Asakusa Gourmet!


When it comes to Asakusa gourmet, the representative dishes Hoppy Street - beef stew, but you must check Edomae Sushi as well. Edomae Sushi has been a kind of soul food of Tokyo since the era of SAMURAI. Edomae Sushi stands for so called Nigiri-Sushi and Maki-Sushi. “Shigezushi” located in Asakusa is the Sushi restaurant where are we can enjoy close “Edomae Sushi”. Let’s try this historical and orthodox Sushi.

There is good Soba restaurant named 「Namikiyabu」that is said to have No.1 Dashi in Japan. Let’s slurp Soba fast in one gulp with thick soup. Soba is very healthy so it’s also good for light meal.

Recommended Guide Tour in Asakusa.

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